Race Gas??? How about…

A nice alternative that is more readily available and is still healthy for you car? Here are Car Street Journal we get asked a lot where to buy race gas at? What stations carry it? Here in the Valley of the Sun not a lot of gas stations carry octane higher than 91 octane.

Over the years we have tried to stay on top of the gas stations that have race fuels for our fellow car enthusiasts. So the kinda people at GoodSpeed Performance Lab have provided the following information:

After careful consideration we have decided to keep Methanol and Race Fuel on hand at all times. As you would expect, we decided to carry the best of both. We are proud to announce we now stock Sunoco GT 260 Plus (109 RON/104MON) UNLEADED Race Fuel, and Snow Performance Boost Juice.

You can purchase as much or as little as you want. We sell the [...]

        There’s a new Brewery downtown dedicated to making deliciously drinkable beers,The Phoenix Ale Brewery located at 3002 E. Washington St.  The co-owner, George Hancock, is an Englishman who made his mark with craft brewing as the founder of Pyramid Brewing Co. in Seattle. When we walked into the tasting room George was behind the counter operating the taps, shook our hands like he was meeting new neighbors, and asked if he could pour us a taste


        Ahhh, refreshing…is what we thought of the beer and the place. Our first sample was the Camelback IPA, a sparkling example of a perfect beer. If you’ve ever wanted to visit a pub in England and hang out with the locals, but you didn’t have the cash or a passport, then this beer will magically transport you there. [...]

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