A Look at the Car Scene

By Nicole James

I will never forget the night we had the first dinner at my dad’s new house. My dad had his 1988 Corvette in the driveway, next to my mom’s 2003 CTS, and my brothers 2003 350Z on the street in front of my 05 Mustang, and behind that was my boyfriend’s 2007 350Z. All the cars individualized with race stickers, or a giant wing, or shiny wheels, or simply clean.
From inside the house we all could hear a load car driving up and down the street past my dad’s house while we all sat down for dinner. Finally, it got so annoying that my boyfriend went outside to see what was up. A Z3 BMW was waiting outside.
“Yo, the fast and the furious live here?” The driver yelled.
“Uh no.” Replied my boyfriend.
“This some kind of car meet?” Proceeded the driver.

D.I.C.E. Alliance Spring Show and Shine
By Nicole James
While the valley is heating up, many Arizonans are looking for places to go and escape the heat. Saturday, April 27, D.I.C.E. Alliance hosted their spring show and shine event in Prescott, which was a cool 70 degrees. The event was located at the Frontier Village Shopping Center where dozens of different cars could be found.
At the show, a 2012 Mclaren MP420C, was found and always seemed to be surrounded by people. The owner, Peter Tivey, talked with CSJ and told us he has only had the car for three months. “The car is all stock with 617 horsepower and a top speed at over 200 miles per hour” he said as he proudly showed off his car, “Its got a 3.8 liter V8, double turbo and double clutch.” When asked what he planned on doing with the car Tivey [...]

Bliss Heels and Wheels show
By Nicole James
On this warm Sunday afternoon, there was no better place to be then Bliss Show Club. With lots of great food, great music and cars there was something for everyone at the Bliss Heels and Wheels Show.
The show had many different cars present. Everything from an old school Corvette Stingray, to a monster 2001 Ford F250, to a one of a kind Evo could be found at Bliss. Registration for the show was $15 and spectators were free.
All the cars in the show were unique in their own way, however some really stood out against the rest. CSJ talked to KJ, the owner of a 2001 Ford F250. She told us her son built her massive truck. KJ uses the truck as a daily driver and in the sand drags. “You really cant be in a hurry to get [...]

Last Event for Firebird International Raceway
By Nicole James
Photos By Nicole James
Mixed in with all the smells and sounds of drag racing, monster trucks and fair food was the underlying tone of sadness. Race fans of all kind came from all over the state to mark the end of an era. Negotiations between the Gila River Indian Community, which owns the land the facility is on, and the current operators of FIR were unable to reach a conclusion everyone could be happy with. As a result, after 30 years in business, Firebird International Raceway is now closed.
The East Valley’s long-time speedway went out of business in style with one final race event featuring monster trucks, funny cars, jet dragsters and Robosaurus — a fire breathing, car-eating T-rex. The show was a success with about 200 cars in total flying across Firebird’s track at the final event.

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