“Americas Best-Selling Car” Gets an Adult Version

“Americas Best-Selling Car” Gets an Adult Version

By Nicole James


In honor of throwback Thursday, CSJ is bringing it back to when we were kids. For years and years, generation after generation, the Little Tikes Cozy Coupes have become an icon in the American childhood. Whether it was new or used, it’s likely any enthusiast born after 1979 has a memory with one of these. While most of us have moved on to bigger and better things, this British Enthusiast spent 1,000 hours building an adult sized, airbag-fitted, 70-MPH version of his childhood hot rod.

Check out this BBC story on the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Adult Version.



Tread in Pink

By Nicole James

Photos By Hans Marquez and Joe Lombrana


It was a beautiful Saturday morning over at Local Motors. The sun felt warm, the aroma of sweet flowers filled the air , and the rumble of exhaust filled everyone’s ears. It was CSJ’s first ever Tread in Pink all lady’s car show.

Roll-in started at 9am with all makes and models coming in from all over the state. Some participants came to the show all the way from Prescott and some from Tucson. Each participant received a pink carnation which many displayed on their engine bay. The DJ’s music was loud and created a fun environment for everyone. Spectators walked up and down the rows of cars and could be seen laughing and enjoying themselves. Local Motors [...]

Grand Theft Auto Stardom

By Nicole James

As my dad was teaching me how to drive manual on a 77  VW Rabbit, he kept telling me how import it was to learn. He kept using the example that one day I may go somewhere and see an amazing Ferrari or Lamborghini and the owner of the car offers to let me drive it. “How much would it suck if you could not drive the car just because it is manual?” He would always say. While I haven’t been fortunate enough to be handed the keys to someones Ferrari just yet… I recently found another reason as to why it is important to learn as well as why a manual car is anti-theft in and of its self.

Annas Abdel-Khaliq nearly stole a 2012 C6 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport while it was sitting at a service shop in Florida, February 4th.  

Good Time to Import a Skyline

By Javier Contreras

It’s 2014, and with a new year in front of us we all have new goals and wants that we have set before us to accomplish. But, to accomplish this year’s future goals lets think back 25 years ago.


The 80’s were a time of milestones. The first Columbia space shuttle, the Chernobyl disaster, end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall,  leg warmers were socially acceptable to where in public, hair was bigger than ever, and neon colored clothes just as loud as the 80’s Rock music. The only membership that mattered was the Members Only jackets that came in a rainbow of colors.

Through all of the mile stones and historical moments aforementioned, there would be only one thing that [...]

Tips and tricks to making your gas last!

By Nicole Jamesgas-cropped

Challege: You have a week till pay day, and $20 left. You need to go to school or work for the next week. How can you make that $20 of gas last?

We have all been here at one point or another. Spent too much during the holidays, have a bad job, made some fiscally irresponsible choices, starving student, whatever the case may be the challenge has been accepted by many. Whether they are obvious or not… Here are some tips and tricks I have put together to help you out with the challenge next time it is accepted.

Speeding is exhilarating and sends a rush of adrenaline through your body. The side effect: It’s hard on your mileage, which means it’s hard on your wallet. If you [...]

Tread in Pink… For Diane

By Nicole James


Valentine’s Day is upon us. While some lady’s may be excited to celebrate with their loved ones, some could be dreading it. It doesn’t matter if you are single, or happy in your relationship, something everyone can look forward to is Car Street Journal’s very first Tread in Pink Car Show, February 15th at Local Motors. Attendance and participation will also be for a good cause.

One of the things that is really important to Car Street Journal is helping out our community. Our entire staff is always looking for ways to support different charities and individuals who need help, love and support.

We would like to introduce our readers and fans to Diane Nguyen (Toytle). She is 24 years old and is battling Acute Lymphoblastic [...]

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