Back to the Drift POSTPONED

Back to the Drift Postponed

Due to a series of unfortunate events, it is with much sadness that Car Street Journal had to postpone the Back to the Drift event until further notice. We apologize sincerely for the last minute announcement.

We would like the community to understand that it takes a large amount of capital and team work to organize and host these events. One of the many details of coordinating Back to the Drift required more time than we anticipated. The insurance policy was not acquired due to a chain of miscommunications between multiple parties including one affected by the wildfire in northern Arizona.

Local Motors and CSJ staff continued to contact every resource available until 8 p.m. Friday, May 23rd.  Local Motors continues to support CSJ and the Back to the Drift event regardless of the losses due to the postponement. This has been a learning experience for our CSJ staff [...]

May 2014 Ride of the Month

By Nicole James

Photos by Joe Lambrana


Watch out folks, the 80’s are making a comeback! Stores have become filled with florescent neon’s, obnoxious floral patterns, and leg warmers have officially made a comeback. With this 80’s craze underway, Car Street Journal could not find a better car for our May Ride of the Month then the 8-bit Miata and its proud owner Bryan Young.

Car Street Journal (9)

The ’91 Mazda Miata began its journey into the 8-bit would as being the faithful daily for Mr. Young. “I was buying parts and saving for another drift car build I was working on. As the build dragged on by either money or procrastination, I was driving the Miata every day. I grew too really like the car and [...]

Back to the Drift

Written by Javier Contreras

Car Street Journal

 Drifting… Everyone loves watching it.  The drivers love doing it.  Drifting is a growing and thriving sport for our surrounding neighbors in SoCal, Las Vegas, El Paso… Even Tucson! So, why has the Phoenix drift scene died?

Car Street Journal, and I, want to change that by resurrecting the Phoenix drift scene.  We want to bring back the MONTHLY events Phoenicians once enjoyed at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, formerly known as Firebird International Raceway. As publisher, owner of Car Street Journal, and fellow car community member it has been my personal goal since 2013 to get the monthly drift event started once again.  I’m not describing an event that shares the day with another race group.  I’m talking about [...]

Summer Time Sadness

By Rebecca Nguyen


Summer time sadness?  Who else is sick of that song?  Unfortunately, it’s almost like the anthem of those that live in Phoenix, AZ. With rising temperatures, here are a few things you need to do to avoid those summer time sadnesses.

Tires.  Safety is always more important than comfort.  The psi in your tires is heavily affected by the temperature.  Avoid any kind of tire failure by checking the psi (under inflated, overinflated), the condition and alignment.  Failing to maintain these factors will also affect your gas mileage.

Hydration.  This not only applies to your self, but your vehicle as well.  Check and change your oil and oil filter.  Avoid overheating and keep your motor hydrated!  If you change your own [...]

High Heels and Horsepower: How do you drive in those shoes?

By Nicole James

1469061_575967682470989_1439101290_oAs I have embraced the official title of my column and begun wearing some gorgeous six-inch-stripper-like-stilettos to a variety of different car related events, the most common question I get asked is ‘how do you drive in those shoes?’

The more I got asked about how I drive in high heels, the more it made me wonder… Do I drive weird? To me, driving in high heels is not radically different than driving in regular flat sandals or sneakers.

I consulted with Corey Hosford, the self-proclaimed ‘Al Bundy of female driving shoes’ to find out how driving in high heels can affect safety and driving performance.

According to Hosford it would be a combination [...]

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