Product Review : Micro Start XP-10

Product Review : Micro Start XP-10

By Rebecca Nguyen

The latest Anti-gravity Battery : the Micro-Start XP-10 does not disappoint.  Not only does it conveniently come in a zip up folder with connectors for the almost every electronic device currently on the market (even the iPhone 5 charger), measuring at 9”x3.2”x1.2” it is small enough to fit in your pocket and powerful enough to jump a Diesel.  It may be a bit over kill for the day to day driver, but for those that participate in any off road activities or long road trips this is a must for your vehicle.

In a compact leather carry case, the Micro-Start XP-10 comes with:

  • Mini jumper clamps
  • 1 black universal cable with 8 different detachable tips to fit all different brands of laptop charging ports
  • 1 black universal cable for all 12v accessories such as mobile dvd players
  • 1 white universal USB cable with 4 into [...]

Oculus ‘Drift’- the next big thing?

By Nicole James

If you live in Arizona, or follow amateur drifting in any way, you have definitely seen or heard about the legendary 8-Bit Miata driven by none other than Bryan Young. This googlie-eyed Miata caught our attention back in January at Import Face Off (IFO) with Young taking home first place in the drifting competition. In the weeks that followed his seemingly-out-of-nowhere-win, CSJ had the opportunity to chat with Young about how he won the competition and we were blown away.

Young told CSJ a majority of his experience and seat time came from simulation driving. We had to ask what kind of crazy simulator was Young able to get his hands on, and we were even more surprised that this simulator was really Forza!

In May we were still head over heels for this unique car and fascinated by the driver, [...]

The Poster car of the 90’s, and a skewed American Dream

By Brian Brawley

Once in a lifetime you are bound to get something right. To achieve something of wonder, amazement, and sheer magic. Sometimes conditions can be just right, every little piece just falls into place and you make that one something that could never be done before or again. For Chrysler, that little special something came about in an era where big risk was needed. An era before stringent government standards mandated safety equipment, efficiencies, and body design. It was an open canvas, and Chrysler needed a reputation of something more innovative than stretching economy car chassis between a saturated product line. In 1989, they gave it a shot, and developed a little concept that was to later become one of the most iconic American supercars.

Originally intended as a modern take on the insane Shelby Cobra from the sixties, the Viper concept [...]

Losing that loving feeling; will the Soul ever return?

By Brian Brawley

As car enthusiasts, we all have our preferences and tastes. While we share a common interest, we display and fulfill them in many different ways. It’s what makes car culture so diverse, and it makes and breaks us. It gives us unique and innovative ideas, and it tears us apart as we battle each other in a display of opinion. At the end of the day we are all human, and like assholes, we all have opinions. Some of you, maybe even most of you won’t share my sentiment, but I would like to address my opinion as I feel like maybe there can be a sort of connection within the enthusiast community.

It’s no secret that some of us, most of us, will talk down about certain styles, practices, and other brands of automobile. There really isn’t a problem with that, though [...]

High Heels and Horsepower: A hundred Mustangs

By Nicole James

Recently I was invited to go on a cruise hosted by Desert Stangs of Arizona (DSAZ) and Modded Stangs of Arizona (MSA). With around 74 gorgeous mustangs participating in the event, it was definitely one of the biggest events Desert Stangs has ever coordinated according to Carter Radcliff, the president of DSAZ.

“Desert Stangs had a member only cruise on the west side of town two weeks prior to this event, and we wanted to have a route that allowed us to start at the pavilions and end up in the east part of town. Unfortunately due to freeway closures we were not aware of, we had to modify our route from our original plan.” Carter said. Having a personal relationship with two of the co-presidents from MSA, and approval from the Desert Stangs executive board, Carter invited the MSA club to their cruise as [...]

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