Art of OC-Darling Clean

Written by John Darling

It’s the age old saying, “It’s what’s inside that counts” that drives this topic.  We often forget that during the judging process at any legitimate show and shine, points are awarded for a well kept and modified engine bay.  This is because it is still part of the car you are there to show.  It is a major part of the build and sometimes the most expensive.  Not only that, but aside from the appearance, a clean bay usually means a better running car.

Products and Procedure

There are countless degreasers available but many are meant for rugged parts of the car, wheels, transmissions, engine blocks, under chassis.

The ideal solution is a cleaner that can be tough enough to break through grease and grime, while being gentle enough to the paint, plastics and porous metals.

The winner for is Simple Green. Its dilatable, affordable, biodegradable, and doesn’t leave your hands [...]

An Experience with GO AZ Motorcycles

By Rebecca Nguyen

Adrenaline and speed are two things that obviously go together.  However, what needs to be added to that equation is knowledge, especially when it comes to motorcycles. Arizona is a great place to own a motorcycle.  Consider our variety of destination points, fairly new roads and highways, and lastly our amazingly sad excuse of a winter season.  The only thing that seems to keep motorcyclists on edge here in Arizona, is the lack of rider awareness.

Intrigued by the mechanics behind these speed beasts, I took the time to attend the TEAM Arizona Basic RiderCourse (BRC) at GO AZ Motorcycles off of the 101 and Frank Lloyd Wright.  Without any background knowledge or experience I went in blind, which made it even more exciting.  The course started off with a small introduction in the classroom of our fellow classmates including their names, amount of experience and [...]

Summer Drift

By Christian Alvares

Hi my name is Christian and I am addicted to drifting. Before this summer I only attended two and participated in one drift event my entire life. But after hearing about the Go Fast entertainment’s summer drift events. I told myself I would not miss these! On June 13th of this year, my life changed forever. In this event did I not only participate but I made more new friends in a span of six hours then I had in High School. Something inside me changed, and it was for the good. A novice and shy self just got devoured by a raging beast that hungers for tire screeching, redline motor revving food. With little to no experience drifting, I went for it. Sliding and burning rubber in my BRZ was the most fun I have ever had in a car. At this point though, I really wouldn’t call it [...]

The Best car of the Pre-AMG era you never knew about: The W124 500E

By Brian Brawley

benz2Before AMG, before super saloons were common place, and before the world was filled with quad exhaust this and M-Power that; having a fast sedan meant flying under the radar. You could have a boy racer M3, or an executively sleek M5. The Audi S4 was that quirky, but nerdy girl who worked at the library but was a little too shy to bring home. You were in the market for something classy, something more subdued than a “look at me” BMW. Something you could show face with at the executive party, but wild enough to blow your mind when you got home. Mercedes-Benz, or rather Porsche had just the answer for that. The 500E was so under the radar, [...]

#FinancialMistakes By Javier Contreras For most of us cars are more than just transportation from point A to point B.  Cars are a passion… a culture…. a way of life.  For the car enthusiast it IS a way of life.  Our wallets revolve around our cars.  The cars we drive are an extension of our personalities; they are our vehicular accessory to our lives.

With our automobiles being the ultimate accessory we spend thousands upon thousands on our cars.  We buy better wheels (shoes), aero/body kits (clothing), performance (physical conditioning).  All of this in which we spend thousands on ourselves then to spend additional thousands on our cars.  The depreciating value alone of our cars can qualify us throwing away money on something that only is a personal reward to us and us alone in the end.  The resale value on wheels, tires, performance parts and accessories is minimal at best.

I, for example, purchased [...]


By Matthew Harris

The Stadium Super Trucks Series was started by Mickey Thompson in 1979. Mickey wanted to bring excitement and a new audience to the sport of off road racing because up to this point off road racing had primarily taken place in the desert, and when racing off road in the desert he was seen “by nothing but cactus and jackrabbits”. The series began its life at the Los Angeles Coliseum along side of stadium super cross. The series took place in stadiums all across the U.S. and was in its prime all through the mid 80’s and survived for a while after Thompson’s murder in 1988. But, in 1996 it had gone bankrupt causing its disappearance, and its place another sport took its place, Off Road Short Course.

matt3In [...]

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