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SEMA Spotted: 2015 Twin-charged Subaru

[dropcap style=”style1″]W[/dropcap]hen you think Subaru, you typically think turbo’d boxster motor with symmetrical all-wheel-drive, right? As a fellow Subaru driver you hear people wanting to get fancy with being creative on how to get more power from your car.

Sure, you can change your fuel to race fuel – or E85 – you can add meth injection, spray NOS, or maybe add a supercharger to your already boosted car! I mean, lets be honest here… There’s only so many ways to invent the wheel.

The folks over at Rally Sport Direct have been working with Cosworth and Steam Speed to create a compound build on the NEW FA20 engine that is now available in the Subaru WRX.

What makes the new FA20 engine different from the EJ25?  There are many differences, but the main difference with the Steam Speed FA20 is that the turbo is located near the bottom of the front of the engine rather than the traditional rear passenger top-side of the engine.


Steam Speed is currently one manufacturer of aftermarket turbos for the new FA20 engine.  Cosworth’s supercharger is incredible to see in person on this build.  It looks stock in its placement and design.  The intake manifold is well constructed and design with the wrinkle black finish on it.

When I visited the Cosworth booth here at The Sema Show 2016 I asked how the car tuned out.  According from sources they has mentioned that the car can run and idle.  They also stated that there are some bugs that are still needed to be worked out.  With a twin charged build on a Subaru i can only image the bugs needed to be worked out from my previous knowledge of the compound build that was done years ago.


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