Drag and Drift- Jan 10

Photos and Words by Matt Fink

This past Saturday, January 10, 2015 at Wild Horse Pass, Go Fast Entertainment hosted a Drag and Drift  night on West Track. This event was amazing to watch, filled with high speed, risk, thrill, and adrenaline filled the air. Many local talents came out to the track. About 40 drift cars and a crowd of over 400 spectators were in attendance providing tons of interaction with the drift cars. Spectators are able to watch the cars being repaired along as go for ride-alongs.  Car Street Journal is excited for the next drift and drag events to come.

Written and Photographed by Matt Fink 

Cars and coffee is an exotic, classic, super-car car show. This event has been occurring every first Saturday of each month at Gainey Village in Scottsdale Arizona for over the past 5 years. At this show you will find all types of high end cars including Porsche’s  Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, and if your lucky enough you might catch a glimpse of the rare Bugatti Veyron. This car show is FREE to the public and includes free coffee.

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Written by Nicole James

Due to an embargo that began nearly 50 years ago, Cuba is home to 60,000 plus American Classic Cars. With the exchange of prisoners today as part of a deal to expand trade, increase travel, and normalize relations between the two countries, many classic car enthusiasts, like Roger Falcione, the CEO of ClassicCars.com, are viewing the shifting change of the American-Cuban relationship as potentially one of the biggest ‘barn finds’ ever.

While Cuba currently ranks 134th in the world in vehicles per capita, approximately 138 vehicles per 1000 residents, the island has become emblematic for American classics over the past 50 years. Following the Cuban revolution, the US stopped all auto exports to Cuba, the leader at the time, Fidel Castro, famously declared “We need tractors, not Cadillac’s!” This caused Cuban mechanics to find new innovative ways of maintaining these classics by doing things such as swapping out those American made [...]

Written by Nicole James, Photos by Hans Marquez

“There was never really an original goal with this car because I knew I wouldn’t keep the car for long.” Yoshi Sukkha said about his 2010 40th Anniversary Nissan 370Z.

“I tend to get bored with cars real easy and so I plan on only keeping it for 2-3 years max knowing I will move on once the time comes. So though out that time being, I just change a couple mods here and there.” He said.

One of the driving forces as to why Yoshi purchased this car was that the 370z was quite rare on the streets at the time. With well over 800 hours’ worth of labor, this unique 370z is garage built.

CarStreetJournal_ROTM_1.1 (14)What mods did Yoshi put on this car to consume over 800 hours’ [...]

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