The Real Torque Blues: Nissan GT-R, hero or zero?

Halo cars are a various breed. Cutting edge by design, they represent a manufacturers endeavor whether it’s design language, technological prowess, or flat out speed.  The Nissan GT-R, being an odd mix of all three, became the topic of high debate from track drivers, forum junkies, and Internet fan boys since it first landed on US shores.  Some love it, a car that can never do any wrong, while others scoff its very existence.

What gives the GT-R such a controversial allure?

The R35 seems like an entirely new thing, but GT-R controversy has existed ever since the conception of the R32 GT-R back in 1989.  The original car, dubbed “Godzilla,” the R32 GT-R was virtually untouchable in every series it had raced. This transitioned to the streets as well, becoming a legend in its own right.

On top of being a car with near extraterrestrial capabilities, the GT-R was an easy car to

Sometimes the best method is the simple method. The Toyota Supra in its fourth generation guise offered sheer simplicity, in a brutal package. It was the flagship in an era of high-powered, technologically advanced, and expensive Japanese sports cars. It was a celebrity, gaining fame as the hero car in a cult film. Lastly, it was and still is an icon in a world decades past.

So what made the Supra such a legend even within its competition? What advantages did it offer above the rest? And what keeps the Supra popular today long after final production has ceased?

Introduced in 1978, the Supra, aptly named, was born to fill the void in the GT market the Celica could not fill. This defined the Supra as a straight six cylinder, rear wheel drive layout car. Though humble in the first generation, it was the second generation that kick started the Supra’s popularity, as well

Miki Weckstrom, driver of the No. 45 Olsbergs MSE X Forces car, earned a first place victory in the first round of the Global RallyCross Lites series race held in Phoenix, Arizona, May 21, at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park. The victory gives Weckstrom the series lead in drivers points.

Lites-E11Connor Martell secured a second place finish in the first round of racing, followed by Alex Keyes in third position.

After spending the first five laps of round two on Weckstrom’s bumper, Conner Martell, driver of the No. 21 DirtFish Motorsports car, made his move with a well timed Joker Lap, securing a first place victory. Cabot Bigha [...]

Tanner Foust was untouchable this past weekend at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park where he dominated both days of the 2016 season-opening Red Bull Global Rallycross double header in Phoenix, Arizona.

GRC-E17On Saturday May 21, Foust had strong momentum throughout the day. He won both heats and the semi-final earning him the ability to choose his lane for the final. Foust flew out of the gates with an early lead and never looked back claiming the over all win.

His teammate Scott Speed battled for second as the race went on, giving the team a chance at a 1-2 finish. However, late in the race mechanical issues dropped Speed from the runner-up position giving Patrik Sandell the opportunity to inherit second place. Meanwhile [...]

After an almost-decade of closed doors, Blackpool based TVR is slated to come back for the 2017 model year. Better news still, their entire 2017 model year production is already sold out.

This is not new news. Neither is the fact that the first run of cars will be made with a carbon fiber chassis aided by design consultant Gordon Murray, known for the legendary McLaren F1. Speculation and rumor of a Ford-based Cosworth 5-liter V8 with over 400 bhp has even been verified.

What is new news, is that TVR has finally released the vague concept for the new model with a simple sketch. Reviving the Griffith nameplate, birthed in the 1960’s and not used since the 1990’s, the new car is speculated to start at the £65,000 though the carbon launch cars will start at “sub-£100,000.”

What we do know about the Griffith, is that through Gordon Murray’s iStream Carbon manufacturing process

After just a years absence, Hot Import Nights has returned to Phoenix, Arizona, set at a new location and featured up-and-coming performers, as part of their 2016 event schedule.

Ho_DSC2754t Import Nights is a producer of touring automotive lifestyle events and aims to provide car shows in unique venues, showcase music, and in a sense can be regarded as a pop-culture festival for the automotive millennial.

Held at WestWorld of Scottsdale, Arizona, on May 21, Phoenix marked the seventh event of 16 that make up the 2016 HIN tour schedule.
“Phoenix is always a destination city we want to visit,” said Wayne Raqueno from HIN, adding “the crowd is awesome and the car scene is still growing. It is also a locati [...]

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