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KSportUSA and Bondurant School Car Show, Go Kart Racing, and Drift Exhibition

By Nicole James

Photos by

Hans Marquez, Joe Lombrana, and RJ Lane

Many car enthusiasts have been to what is now called The Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, formerly known as Firebird International Raceway, but how many of us have been over to The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving within the complex? Sure, we have all seen the Bondurant cars, but today the school was open to the public.

With about two and a half weeks’ notice and information only spread on Facebook and by word of mouth among the car community, this KSport and Bondurant event had a great turn out on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon.  Admission was free, and car enthusiasts were able to park their cars on the Bondurant Schools Main Skid Pad. For $20 per race, people [...]

For this CSJ Reporter, the idea of being at Bondurant’s west track, at former Firebird Raceway, at 4am was tough, but turned out to be well worth it. The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) Arizona Region, was incredibly welcoming and eager to talk to CSJ. Once I got to the track, I was buckled into Jim Cozzolino’s NSX for 15 minutes of high speed driving around the track.

It was my first time in a NASA-AZ car and I had no idea what to expect. The roar of the car was awaking so early in the morning. Cozzolino took the strata ways at 120 MPH passing other cars left and right slowing down to take the corners. The car seemed to hug every corner with ease while I was being tossed around inside. The 5 point buckle kept me in place for the most part. Different color flags where held in the

2018 Dodge Demon SRT

What’s red, powerful, loud, and has more hype than a Nintendo console? Yes, it’s the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Spoiler alert, this isn’t a teaser! If you happen to live in a tree, or on a moon of Jupiter, you may not know what a #omgchallengerhellcatdemonwtfbbq is, so what exactly is it?

Written by Nicole James

Photos by Hans Marquez

Round One kicked off the start of the Southwest Drift Series hosted by Vegas Drift this past Valentine’s day on the Bob Bondurant West track located at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in greater Phoenix, Arizona. The Southwest Drift Series gives drivers the opportunity to compete and ultimately be a part of the Formula Drift Pro Am licensing program. Events are all across the southwest including Colorado, Vegas, and New Mexico.

DSC_3015EDrivers were given about three hours of practice on the track before the qualifying runs. The course started with drivers racing toward turn 1 to initiate and slide with speed into a tight left turn, transitioning into a long right sweeper, hitting a [...]

Written By Nicole James

Photos by Hans Marquez

Drivers from across the southwest gathered in Phoenix Arizona today for the first round in the Southwest Drift series presented by Vegas Drift. The event was held at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park on the Bondurant West Track, were drivers went through a qualifying round to determine the Top 16, which then was narrowed down to the top 3.

The show was filled with amazing cars slaying tires and entertaining spectators with loud exhaust and the occasional flying bumper. Some local Arizona Drifters came out to participate and made it into the top 16 including Andrew Schulte, our January 2014 Ride of the Month car.

Car Street Journal also held a hard-parked show next to the drift event which showcased some exotics as well as impressive imports. We also had a few neck-breaking domestic cars attend.

Over all the show ran smoothly and you can be sure [...]

Written by Rebecca Nguyen 

Photos by Christian Alvarez

With perfect temperatures on Saturday Jan. 17th Vegas Drift Kicked off the 2015 drift season by hosting a local practice event to offer aspiring drift drivers an opportunity to test and sharpen their skills as well as test their vehicle set ups.  Ranging from beginners to advanced drivers, Vegas Drift had set up three different tracks at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to practice on  and had a wet  skid pad for new beginners to learn on.

good 10About twenty drivers came together to take over the track.  Car Street Journal Photographer, Christian Alvarez, had the opportunity to follow Josh Lind, owner of 5key and driver of a Nissan 240sx from Tempe, AZ.  Lind used this event to test his new line of custom canards.

In addition to the ProAM [...]

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