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Car Street Journal was created with a simple editorial mission: to provide you with the news, features and commentary you need to enhance your involvement in the automotive industry. Whenever possible, we will provide that news, those features and our commentary in as entertaining a way as possible.

Our Commitment

We are continuously striving to make Car Street Journal your source of choice for all things automotive. We encourage you to send us your comments and suggestions.

Ethics Statement

The editorial team of Car Street Journal has prepared this Statement of Ethics by which all employees, contractors and guest contributors shall abide.

We choose to abide by these editorial principles because we think they are the best way to conduct our business. If you have any questions about our ethics or business practices, please reach out to us.

Editorial Opinions

Our editorial content is written by individuals, and each article represents the opinion or view of the individual writer. Any opinion expressed in content that appears on Car Street Journal is the opinion of the writer – whether an editor, staff member, or other contributor, and should not be construed as an opinion formally approved or endorsed by Car Street Journal as a whole.

Guest Contributors

From time to time, we may invite someone from within the automotive industry to share his or her stories. When these individuals are not part of our regular editorial team, we will make that clear.

There may be occasions when sponsored messages from those in the automotive industry are presented within Car Street Journal and will be clearly identified as sponsored posts.


Car Street Journal is supported through advertising from companies with products and services to sell to the car community. The staff that writes and edits Car Street Journal does not accept money or other consideration as a condition or incentive to write about any subject.

Any feature or area on Car Street Journal sponsored by a particular company or advertiser is developed independently by our editorial team without intervention or advice from any sales partner or client.

Reader Comments

We welcome your comments and provide a comments section with each post. These thoughts and replies are provided by readers like you and are not the opinion of Car Street Journal or its editorial team. Comments are subject to moderation.

Comments that will be edited or deleted shall consist of the following:

  • Spam
  • Links to sites with viruses, spyware, and other malware
  • Insults, bullying, and other personal attacks
  • Profanity or other content inappropriate for an all-ages audience
  • Discrimination
  • Trolling or other comments posted in bad faith
  • Any other behavior that, at the moderators’ discretion, detracts from a friendly, engaging, helpful and productive conversation
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