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Arizona Auctions 2016: Scottsdale

[dropcap style=”style1″]I[/dropcap]t’s that time of year again, where some of the most rare, individual, oddball, and unique automobiles hit the auction floors in Scottsdale, Arizona to bring in the highest of bids. Between five different auctions, each bringing in their own unique clientele, the amount and variation of cars is unparalleled, surely many cars for many kinds of people. I wanted to compile a list, sampling a couple cars from each of the different auctions to give an idea of what one can expect in the days to come. These are cars that are either unique, distinctive, rare, or may fetch quite a high price, but above all, these are cars that are interesting. The auctions I will be pulling samples from are: RM, Bonhams, Gooding & Company, Barrett Jackson, and Russo and Steele.

Bonhams: Lot 42, 1965 Iso Grifo A3 Competizione

brian1Built and developed under founder Renzo Rivolta and Ferrari legend Giotto Bizzarrini, the Grifo A3/C (Corsa) is a stunning yet little known car. Sporting a tuned front/mid mounted Chevrolet 327 V8 borrowed from the Corvette and four wheel independent suspension, the Grifo A3/C was claimed to be the second coming yet more refined version of Bizzarrini’s previous Ferrari 250 GTO. The 250 GTO, a car now going for tens of millions at auction. This Grifo is expected to go between 1.3 and 1.6 million. A bargain from the 30 plus million a mint GTO goes for.

Bonhams: Lot 31, 1975 Datsun 280z 2+2 Sports Coupe

brian2Auctions aren’t always about one-off coach built Italian clogs made of hand shaped mercury, and this modest little Datsun is why. With little over 2,000 original miles on the clock, this has to be the single cleanest undesirable model Z to ever grace an auction floor. 1975 introduced K-jetronic fuel injection and a rear seat bearing 2+2 model to appease the family autocross star. These changes allowed the Z to remain a competitive car in an emissions choked era. For whatever reason, those 2,000 miles were done on aftermarket tires, so you would be chuffed to know this little Datsun come equipped with factory tires at showroom miles. The odd history and model combination is enough to make this one of the most interesting cars on the floor. A projected 35 to 45 grand would land the single cleanest 280Z 2+2 on the planet. While I’m not sure the market is very big for a mint 280Z 2+2 with US bumpers, I can see the right buyer paying the projected price. No reserve means this car could go for much less.

RM Auctions: Lot 227, 1953 Ferrari 212 Inter Coupe by Vignale

Brian3Being the second road car to be produced by Ferrari, the 212 Inter Coupe is quite stunning to look at. Powered by a modified, 2.5 liter Colombo V12, this prancing horse was one of the most powerful cars produced at the time. The 212 was produced between 1950 and 1953, with Ferrari providing the chassis and engine, they left coachbuilders to build the bodies and interiors. This particular car was done by Vignale and is simply breathtaking. This particular car is number 23 of 26 built by Vignale and is projected to go for an estimated 1.8 to 2.2 million. With Ferrari prices on the rise, this car could go for that and probably more.

RM Auctions: Lot 171, 1989 Mercedes Benz 560 SEC 6.0 AMG ‘Wide Body’

brian4I’ll be blunt. This is the coolest car in the world. The W126 coupe has a charm very little can match, then pair it with a pre-merger AMG and you have a Benz ready to ignite the world. The quad cam 6.0 produces 385bhp and double the original torque at half the RPM’s of the original Merc’s 5.6. To contain the new bump in power, AMG fitted their wide body fenders and wide multi-piece wheels making this W126 the most aggressive car on the road. With an original MSRP of 200k, and a projected sale of 100 to 150 thousand, this hammer can be considered quite a bargain.

Gooding & Company: Lot 011, 1997 Porsche 993 Turbo S

brian5Porsche prices have been insane and show no little to no signs of slowing. This 993 Turbo S is evidence of that. The 993 in particular is one of the most sought after models being the most modern and refined yet still powered by an air cooled flat six. Sans GT-2, the Turbo S is the highest end 911 one could buy in 993 trim with only 183 built. Sporting 424bhp and roughly 22k miles, this bank vault on wheels is projected to go for a staggering 450 to 500 thousand! More than three times the original MSRP. I believe it just might be a crazy enough car to fetch such a price.

Barrett Jackson: Lot 1323, 1978 Ford Mustang Custom Fastback

brian6Probably the most intense Mustang II on the planet. Nothing on this car has been left alone. 6.8 liter V10, tubular chassis, independent suspension, rear mounted transmission, 2005 Mustang wheel arches, and a wheelbase stretch of 12’’ means this car is nothing short of insane. This car has been features in Drive Tv’s “Big Muscle” and Velocity’s “SEMA Battle of the Builders” as well as features in Hot Rod magazine and Mustang Monthly. Set to hit the auction block with no reserve in a very YOLO fashion, it will be interesting to see if this car breaks the trend of custom cars brining in lower prices. I honestly have no idea what a car like this could be valued at.

Russo and Steele: Lot 5143, 1999 Lotus Esprit V8 Twin Turbo

brian7A surprisingly rare car especially in the US market with only 113 for 1999. De-tuned to a modest 350bhp from a potential 500, the V8 Esprit is still frighteningly fast as not to 60mph times were around the 4.8 second range. These cars are light and nimble, with their only weak point being the Peugeot/Renault sourced transaxle. This particular car has a rebuilt engine along with all of the current maintenance done. The car is reported to be in excellent shape. While a projected bid is not available at this time, these cars were going just north of 50 thousand not too long ago. Anywhere shy of 100 thousand sounds more than reasonable as collectors are searching for these cars now.
So there is the short list of interesting cars to be on the lookout for during Auction week in Scottsdale. For more information, check out the auction websites and check out more of the cars going up on the auction block.

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