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Hans has always been into cars. From playing in his Dad's 69 Charger when he was a couple years old till this day, cars has been in his blood. He currently drives a 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX that he drives daily and is part of a large Subaru Community in Arizona (Flat4phx). He is the Lead Photographer/Media for Car Street Journal, joining back in early 2013. He has many influences that have helped him grow as a photographer such as the famous Larry Chen, and John Zhang. He's also been published with various publications aside from Car Street Journal such as:, Fox Sports, and DuPont. He's always growing learning different techniques and working on his skill daily.

Score San Felipe 250 baja truck

Contenders from around the world prepare as they look to compete against one another in the 31st annual SCORE San Felipe 250, located in San Felipe, Baja California, March 29 – April 2, 2017.

What makes this year’s season opener one to watch? Well how about the addition of a new class? That’s right! This year SCORE is moving forward in adding a new class for their events. The San Felipe 250 will be the first of many events that include the new Trophy Truck Legends Class.

Iam often asked what I shoot with to get “sick shots.” Time and time again, folks are surprised by the answer.

Last time I did an article like this, I was shooting with a very basic camera, the Canon t1i. I have since switched to a Nikon D7100 with various lenses. With the Nikon being an amazing crop sensor camera, I have been able to take my photography to another level. However, it’s not always the equipment. I have spent hours researching photography and different shooting styles that I can easily use on almost any camera.

To show you my point, I shot Hot Import Nights Phoenix 2016 with just my cell phone. That’s right, my Samsung Note 5! Although I did take a few pictures and some video with my Nikon, I spent some time walking the event capturing these images in my phone’s ‘Pro’ mode.

You hear that almost everyone with a camera is a photographer, but are

Mad Mike Whiddett battled through tough competition and earned a huge win during Round two of Formula Drift Japan at Ebisu Circuit this past weekend, May 21-22.

Whiddett won battle after battle against other top drivers during the top 32, however his final battle, securing the win, was by far one of the best runs he made.

“Such an epic final battle against Masahi Yokoi at Formula Drift Ebisu,” Whiddett said, “the Japanese driving style is something that has always inspired me: drive aggressive and look violent. #Humble on the attack.”

“To win a Formula Drift round of the world championship in the motherland of Drift at Ebisu Circuit is unreal.” Whiddett said, adding that the round two trophy represents a massive amount of hard work, and the dedication, commitment, time, belief and passion he gives the sport.

“I first started watching the O.G godfathers of drift on Japanese Option DVD’s here, well before my career started and I

Mad Mike Whiddett comes in with a score of 94 in qualifying putting him in third place for the second stop of Formula Drift Japan 2016 at Ebisu Circuit.

“We are feeling real comfortable already and only my second time driving this psycho FD RX7,” says Whiddett. “We charged hard today and managed to qualify P3 at Formula Drift Ebisu against Japan’s best. Can’t wait to come out swinging at the top 32 main event tomorrow!”

Mad Mike’s style is what really keeps us coming back for more. This 4 Rotor, Twin Turbo Monster built by Mike and Taisuke Kawato of Total Car Produce Magic is more than just a competition car, it’s a piece of art. This FD Rx7 was built solely to win. Spending countless hours dialing every last detail in to withstand the abuse of the year long competition and to compete against some of the top drivers in the world with

Vaughn Gittin Jr. earns a first place win at Round Two: Road Atlanta in the 2016 Formula Drift series, held in Georgia, May 7.

In the final battle Gittin went head to head with Daijiro Yoshihara, who left a huge gap after going a little too hard into the entry of the first run, allowing Gittin, the lead car, to pull away.

In the second run of the battle Yoshihara led but Gittin stayed close to him with door to door action, finalizing his first victory of the 2016 season.


Photo courtesy of: Formula Drift



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