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The EPA limiting your passion

Nissan RB26 engine with modified turbo and other engine components The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to demolish your automobile passion and enthusiasm.  Sounds terrible, right?! Alright maybe it’s not that black and white, but let’s see what is really at stake here. With the focus of the Clean Air Act in mind, the EPA wants to make it illegal to modify any manufactured street vehicle’s emission system where its sole purpose is NOT used for racing in organized sports. Ok what is this saying? Basically, modified cars cause an increased amount of air pollution with a tampered emissions system.

With all the new products that are out Motormood came out with something and entertaining, the CarMoji!  Going with the trending emojis that are used on our phones… Motormood decided to bring it to life with these light up emojis for your car.

ESE Industries, a group of designers and engineers that love carbon fiber, came to The SEMA Show with the E1 full carbon fiber wheel.

These wheels starting at a mere 11 lbs per wheel are significantly lighter than any light weight metal wheel.  Since the weight has been lifted from the wheel that means improved rotational inertia.  Faster acceleration and better braking with less rotational mass.  Less rotational mass means less horsepower being robbed from the wheels and given back to the driver.  The E1 are rated for a 3850 LB axle car.

[dropcap style=”style1″]W[/dropcap]hen you think Subaru, you typically think turbo’d boxster motor with symmetrical all-wheel-drive, right? As a fellow Subaru driver you hear people wanting to get fancy with being creative on how to get more power from your car.

Sure, you can change your fuel to race fuel – or E85 – you can add meth injection, spray NOS, or maybe add a supercharger to your already boosted car! I mean, lets be honest here… There’s only so many ways to invent the wheel.

The folks over at Rally Sport Direct have been working with Cosworth and Steam Speed to create a compound build on the NEW FA20 engine that is now available in the Subaru WRX.

What makes the new FA20 engine different from the EJ25?  There are many differences, but the main difference with the Steam Speed FA20 is that the turbo is located near the bottom of the front of the engine rather than [...]

The The Chemical Guys released a few new products at SEMA 2015. One in particular that caught my attention was the Dirt Trap bucket insert.

The Chemical Guys state: “The Dirt Trap bucket insert eliminates wash swirls and scratches with Cyclone Dirt-Trap Technology. Dirt Trap Cyclones funnel and separate dirt away from the wash water. The Dirt Trap car wash guard uses nearly 300 cyclonic funnels to separate abrasive dirt and debris away from the car wash water.”

The new design the Chemical guys have come up with is far more aggressive for trapping grit than their previous Grit Guard. The Dirt Trap cyclonic funnels act as a fish trap. It allows the grit to easily travel through the funnels with a wide opening, while the exiting tip narrows to better trap the grit at the bottom of the bucket.


*Traps dirt in your wash buckets

*Reduces swirl marks & scratches

*Cleans mitts, brushes,

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