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Matthew Fink is a young automotive photographer and has been into cars since he was able to drive. Matthew enjoys photographing all different years, makes, and models of vehicles, but he has a passion for exotic, eye catching, supercars. Always looking for an adventure to get the best photos of the automotive world, Matthew joined Car Street Journal in 2014 to further gain experience and be part of a unique team. His photography has been seen on, Fox Sports, and Autofluence. Follow Matthew on Instagram at @csjmatthewfink.

Out with the old, in with the new! Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering, also known as Scottsdale Cars and Coffee, is moving on to bigger and better things. Saturday, March 4, 2017 was the last show at Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona. This marks the end of a fifteen year tradition! Each show featured a make or model and this last one focused on the Ford Shelby. Over twenty Shelbys attended with two authentic Cobras in the mix. Of course other cars like the Ferrari Enzo to the Lamborghini Aventador made an appearance for memorable occasion. And memorable it was, this event ended with a bang!

On Thursday Matt Haugen from Street Standard stopped by the Car Street Journal conference room at Sema.  Matt has been attending Sema for 8 years, and for 7 of those years he has had one of his cars in the Sema show.  Matt got into working on cars with his dad when he was young.  Helping work on Hot Rods and such at home.  Matt’s first Sema he brought his Toyota Tundra.  Years later Matt was thinking about starting his own business and build some bad-ass cars. With the help from Cory Hosford, they came up with Street Standard.  Street Standard is a car performance go to shop.  They can get anything from body kits from Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny down to Wilwood Brakes.  Matt has 2 personal cars here at Sema this year. Which are a 1 of 1 Liberty Walk Lamborghini and a Rocket Bunny Nissan 350z.

[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]he first day of the 50th SEMA Show kicked off today in Las Vegas, Nevada. Buyers, exhibitors, and media alike were able to enter at 9 a.m. and see the latest products, new innovations, and some bad-ass builds.

In the days leading to the event many rumors circulated around that this was the year of the trucks, and the rumors are right. Lifted trucks and various off-road machines litter the convention center but they dont begin to drown out the dozens of wide-body cars. Car Street Journal has noticed fender flairs have been flairing up at SEMA for the past few years, but this year seems to be even more classic JDM vehicles showcasing the trend.

Among the classic JDM cars sporting the wide-body look include a Nissan R34 Skyline, Toyota Supra, Nissan Datsun, and a Mazda RX-7.

[dropcap style=”style1″]I[/dropcap]f I could take home any car offered at Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas auction, these are the ones I’d pick:

First is the 2008 Dodge Viper SRT/10 Hurst 50th Anniversary Convertible.


This viper is #2 for 50 limited anniversary Vipers series produced. Also this viper is second of the line but its the first convertible produced. This car is also 1 of 2 that is flat gold with black stripes with only 146 miles on it. With a 8.4-liter 10-cylinder engine with a 6-speed manual transmission from the Tammy Allen Collection, is a perfect collector’s car.

Up next is the 2009 Mini Cooper S Custom Limousine


This Mini Cooper is a 140” stretch limo that can [...]

[dropcap style=”style1″]W[/dropcap]aking up at 4 a.m. isn’t something I always do, but when I do, I know I have something exciting planned. When I heard my phone ring I knew it was time to get up because I was off to fabulous Las Vegas!

My partner in crime, Nicole James was the driver for this trip – which gave me time to sleep on the ride there – and in four short hours we were at Mandalay Bay for Barrett-Jackson’s 9th annual Las Vegas auction.

When you first walk in the convention center were the show is held you see the Ford display and as always, all the newest Fords were in attendance with Ford employees there to answer any, and all, questions.

Lots of vendors had set up booths and displays with spectacular display cars but we didn’t waste too much time looking at those, we wanted to see the auction action and go [...]

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