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Matthew Harris has enjoyed the off road and rally side of car culture since he was young tyke. Growing up with a Mother that has a lead foot and an eye for fun, his Father is no different being a mechanic, doing photography for off road races, and owning an auto parts store at one point. All of this gave Matthew the ability to be immersed in all aspects of getting a vehicle dirty. He has owned several cars over the years finally working up to one of his dream cars, a 2002 Subaru Wrx. Which is his daily driver but also slowly being modified to handle gravel and dirt roads with ease. In the future he is also hoping to own a desert style pre-runner truck. Matthew joined the Car Street Journal media team as journalist in 2014 to bring a different side of vehicles to the CSJ family that had previously been untouched. You can follow Matthew Harris on Instagram (@matthewharris101) and Facebook.

A start-up company called MobileSpike may just have created a way to make car chases shorter all while keeping police officers safer. They are developing a deployable mobile tire-spike system.

Currently, police officers have to try and plan ahead and determine where the criminal is headed and throw tire spikes out on the street in hopes that the bad guy runs over them.

The deployable MobileSpike system will eliminate guess work, and will keep officers out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. It allows police to drive up next to a perpetrator’s car and flatten the tires, thus ending the chase.

The system will be integrated into the already existing push bar front bumpers of police cars. At the press of a button the hydraulic system shoots out an arm that extends several feet from the side of the police vehicle. Mounted to the end of the arm is a spike strip ready to

British police cars aren’t exactly the most stylish around, even if a good amount of them do carry some some sort of oomph under the hood, but those styling points could change soon with the Ford Mustang, which is under strong consideration right now to become the next police car in the United Kingdom.

Officials are condifering the V8 powered Mustang, known as the GT. The cars went on sale late last year in the U.K. and have done extremely well in that market due it now finally being made available as a factory right hand drive model.

Ford may be as American as BBQ’s and Sunday Football, but the Mustang looks surprisingly at home covered in the neon Battenburg paint scheme of the British police. Everyone received their surprising first view when one showed up to a trade show earlier this month sporting the UK livery.

A spokesman wouldn’t confirm future plans but said,

Now that summer has hit and more and more people are out on the trails to go camping or take a day trip off-roading, I’d like to share a few basic things that will help your trip go a lot smoother so you appear like an off-road pro, all while helping keep you and others safe.

Plan the trip ahead of time and get familiar with the land and trails that you will be riding. Make sure to adhere to any rules, fees, and permits required to travel in the areas that you will be going. Familiarize yourself with trail signage. Typically the signs will help you navigate trail difficulty levels and also indicate what modes of transportation are permitted on each path. You don’t want to be the person ticketed for trying to drive your monster SUV down a Motorcycle and ATV trail and you certainly don’t want to get stuck or

Attesa, a new motorssports complex has been given the green light by the government to be built in Casa Grande, about 48 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona.

“Arizona has the West’s best NASCAR track and by adding Attesa, Arizona will become an international racing destination,” said Dan Erickson, Principal of Danrick Builders, adding, “We’ll combine speed with luxury experiences and motorsports opportunities for individuals from all walks of life.”

London based race track engineering firm, Apex Circuit Design, has been chosen to design the project, which is set to feature a pair of tracks nearly 3-miles in size each, a karting track, performance driving center, a multi-racing surface track, and an event area. To add to the already impressive list, the park will also have a private airport with a 6,000 foot runway.

“Attesa will be an optimal racing and entertainment destination that will draw guests from all over the world, driving new jobs and

American Subaru drivers have been craving a new wagon for quite sometime, but not just any wagon. Subaru fanatics want it with a turbo, and they want it all-wheel drive.

2015-Subaru-Levorg-rear-endThe desire for a newer, faster, full-on wagon may be due to many Subaru enthusiasts growing up driving the WRX or STI. Those same enthusiasts are now having families and they want something that is more family friendly, yet still have a sporty engine under the hood for spirited driving as well.

Despite this ever growing desire among enthusiasts, when it comes to the American market, Subaru is more concerned with developing a 7-seat SUV that would compete with other large SUV’s in the market.

Subaru, listen up: Not everyone wants to drive an SUV.

Subaru has teased [...]

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