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Back to the Drift

Back to the Drift

Written by Javier Contreras

Car Street Journal

 Drifting… Everyone loves watching it.  The drivers love doing it.  Drifting is a growing and thriving sport for our surrounding neighbors in SoCal, Las Vegas, El Paso… Even Tucson! So, why has the Phoenix drift scene died?

Car Street Journal, and I, want to change that by resurrecting the Phoenix drift scene.  We want to bring back the MONTHLY events Phoenicians once enjoyed at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, formerly known as Firebird International Raceway. As publisher, owner of Car Street Journal, and fellow car community member it has been my personal goal since 2013 to get the monthly drift event started once again.  I’m not describing an event that shares the day with another race group.  I’m talking about a pure ALL DRIFT event; one that drifters get their money’s worth and would enjoy.

Some people may say we are trying to make big profit off of this.  In fact… for a local home town operation like CSJ it is quite expensive to put on such an event.  There’s the track rental cost, the event insurance, lights (for the PM session), printed and online promoting, and lets not forget the people that are doing the behind the scenes leg work that are volunteering to help put this together.  All of this comes into the thousands of dollars. That being said, our entire team at Car Street Journal is working closely with some of the peers in the drift community to make this event and, hopefully future events, a safe first-class experience for drifters and fans to enjoy.

Car Street Journal is here for the Arizona auto scene whether it be drift, drag, hard park shows, or show casing individuals that have put time and money into their cars.  We do our best to not spare any expense in giving a QUALITY experience in the Arizona auto scene.  Before we became Car Street Journal… we were and ARE part of the car community in Arizona.  As such, we just want to bring back the excitement and fun our community once had.

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