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Barrett Jackson Auto Auction: the people

Written by Eli Walker

Photos by Hans Marquez

The Barrett Jackson Auto Auction was an absolutely  amazing time. The show was well organized and well put together as always. While I was out at the show something I really took note of and observed was the crowd.

It was interesting to see how some people headed more towards the various booths while some headed more towards the cars. Some of the best parts of people watching at Barrett Jackson were seeing different people talking, interacting, and having fun with complete strangers.

Personalty I loved meeting new people and networking  It was great being able to hang out and have fun. Plus, because Barrett Jackson is such a huge event, you never know what celebrity’s or iconic leaders in the car industry you might run into. When I was there I got to meet and have conversation with some well known car groups, hang out at some neat booths selling some cool stuff. The whole experience was a great and fun time. If you ever find yourself wondering if you should head out to Scottsdale and attend Barrett Jackson, I definitely recommend it.

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