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Brake Line Heat Shield

Heat Shielding Your Brake Lines

If you have not put your brake lines in yet go to the store pick up some heat sleeves and slip it over the brake line before you hook up the brake lines, this is the easier and faster option. If you didn’t do this and now feel/need to heat shield your brake lines here’s what to to.

1. Measure your brake line to see how long each sleeve needes to be.

2. Things You Will Need: All of which can be found at your local auto parts store
Scissors or razor blade
Zip ties
Cool Tape (insulating tape)
Heat sleeves (2 or 4)

3. Cut the heat sleeve in half so it looks like this

4. Take a zip tie and secure one end (easier than trying to hold the heat sleeve and tape at the same time)

5. Start at the zip tied end and start wrapping the cool tape around the heat sleeve

6. Secure the fully taped side with a zip tie

7. Cut off first zip tie and wrap exposed heat sleeve area with cool tape

8. Secure with zip tie

9. Repeat steps 3 – 8 on the rest of the brake lines

You now have heat shielded brake lines.

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