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Think Twice about taking your car to the Dealer: Here’s Why

Think Twice about taking your car to the Dealer: Here’s Why

By Nicole James

This video was posted by a man who said he took his car in with a knock that was likely being caused by some carbon buildup in the cylinders. According to the owner, the mechanic declined using the proper chemicals, which would be protocol, and decided it would be easier to run the car in first gear for five miles at the redline.

From the video, we can hear the mechanic say this will either fix the problem or blow it up. “My expensive Shelby CS1 wheels were damaged along with the transmission during the time they had my car. There was rubber down the sides of my car and 80+ miles on my car from when the camera was shut off by the shop foreman. I gave them 2 chances to repaint the wheels, until they had to replace them finally. They gave the car back to me with 3 new wheels and told me that they replaced 4, THEY LIED again. I spent much time trying for them to get my wheels balanced after that, and to top it off, now my transmission flare is considered normal to them, even though it was operating properly when I dropped it off, they refuse to fix it without an engine light code. My car is not shifting normally from 3rd to 4th gear now and sometimes loses the gear completely. After over a month of time back and forth to the dealership, I have come to the conclusion that this will never get resolved and I am too scared and untrustworthy of this dealership to keep my car out of my site again.”

The owner had cameras nonstop recording in and out of the car in clear view. The mechanics even point out the cameras and comment about them possibly recording.

The legal ramifications of this story have not yet been settled, but it’s safe to say that someone was doing something they weren’t supposed to.

Check out the video here:

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