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Having completed the first three races making up the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, drivers and teams are now focused on the 1-mile oval at Phoenix International Raceway for the next event, currently underway, the Good Sam 500.

Previously in Las Vegas, drivers had to endure high winds and a dust storm. Team Penske dominated as Brad Keselowski won the race, followed by teammate Joey Logano.

At this point in the series, the cars have been using the new lower downforce package and six drivers have finished in the top ten at each race while other drivers have suffered devastating blows and are in need of a change.

Here are drivers to watch this weekend at the Good Sam 500:

1. Matt Kenseth

Kenseth won the Sprint Cup in 2003 and over his career has had seemingly random results at PIR but has secured one victory in phoenix. In his last nine starts at

According to the 2016 NASCAR rules 40 cars is a full field meaning all 39 cars on the entry list should qualify for Sunday’s Good Sam 500 at Phoenix International Raceway.  This is the fourth event in the 2016 Sprint Cup season.


During the ’60s the Ford Galaxie 500XL fastback was the car to beat as they rocked the NASCAR and NHRA fields with unbeatable performance. As NASCAR is taking over Phoenix International Raceway this weekend, race fans can get excited for the action with a throwback and watch Bodie Stroud restore a 1963.5 Galaxie 500XL R-code with a 427 Ford V8 on tonight’s episode of American Restoration (9/8 p.m. CST on HISTORY).

Bodie Stroud is known for his ability to retain an original look while updating the technology in his restorations and this Galaxie is no exception. The exterior of the car will show subtle mods such as a hood scoop, Brembo brakes, and MagnaFlow mufflers while the serious mods will take place under the hood. The 427 is set to output around 800 horsepower and is known as the 90-day wounder due to Ford producing the motor in just 90 days during the ’60s purpose built to be

Once every so often a car is produced that is just way ahead of its time. Here are 12 of them:

1. Mercedes 600 Groβe

2With a $20,000 base price in 1963, the Mercedes 600 “Big” solidifies Mercedes as the finest auto manufacturer in the world. Using a complex ball joint suspension, virtually unheard of at the time, gave the 600 the smoothest ride of any car. More impressive is the 3,200 psi hydraulic system powering literally everything in the car from window switches, sunroof, doors, HVAC, and even the trunk in the name of silent operation. This is the only car in the world built off of a “cost is no object” strategy.

2. GM EV1

February 2016 was a frightful month for automotive racers and enthusiasts when everyone got word of a proposed rule from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that seemed like they wanted to ban anyone from turning a road car into a track-only race car.

The craziness all started when Specialty Equipment Manufacturer Association (SEMA) started circulating a press release claiming that “the EPA seeks to prohibit conversion of vehicles into race cars.”

The release quickly gained attention and the car community reacted in a panic on social media, news outlets, and petitions with headlines reading “here’s how to fight the EPA ban on building a race car,” “tell the EPA to withdraw its proposal to prohibit the conversion of vehicles into race cars,” and “prevent the EPA from banning vehicle modifications.”

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t going a bit stir-crazy about this myself, at the time. I was scouring articles and

Saturday, March 5, marked another massive Instagram Meet in Scottsdale, Arizona. No one knows exactly when or how often the Instagram Meet takes place, but it typically occurs on a random Saturday night in front of some of the local businesses in the north Scottsdale area and is open to anyone willing to come. The turnout is usually huge with upwards of 600-800 cars. This event was no exception.

As a result of warm spring air and clear skies, a wide array of cars and enthusiasts attended the meet. Most cars in attendance are what any car minded person would expect to see: Mustangs, Civics, BRZ’s, GTI’s and 240’s were none too scarce. However there were plenty of rarities hiding in the rough such as several NSX’s, Supra’s, R32 GT-R Skylines, and even a Galant VR-4 being one of the rarest to make an appearance. In addition to a variety of years, makes, and models, cars also

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