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Car Street Journal was recently able to catch up with Denise McMahon, a Grassroots Rally Race Coordinator in America, and ask her about the frustrations that eventually led to the cancellation of Rally Utah, which was supposed to be held August 7th and 8th 2015 in Cedar City, Utah.

Three years ago McMahon and her crew were invited out to Cedar City, Utah, to lay the ground work for an upcoming rally event. McMahon tells CSJ “we were honored to be asked to come and put on the Cedar City event by the Cedar City Event Director, Bryon Lindford, to get started on the planning stages of roads that would work. When we eventually were able to get to the area, we were impressed by the people, the town, and the roads.”

According to McMahon the planning stages with the event director were also videotaped to document “what roads would work in order to produce

Automaker and luxury connoisseur, Bentley has recently unveiled their new high performance car for 2017. It features four wheel drive, six hundred horsepower from a twin turbocharged W12, and a top speed in excess of 187mph. Eight forward speed gears will propel this new vehicle past sixty in less than four seconds. By the way, this new car actually happens to be an SUV…

Err… We saw this coming. A trend from all high end auto makers these days, Bentley made no secrets with their EXP 9 F concept. While the Bentayga does differ from that concept, styling is still controversial. What isn’t controversial, however, is the fact that this fat cat will be at the very top of the luxury SUV food chain. Bentley is quite serious about their Continental Range Rover and with that the Bentayga will be fastest SUV in the world. It will naturally come with the capability to off-road

Media can be a double edged sword. While it’s widely considered that there is no such thing as bad publicity, it can sometimes become quite burdensome to keep the facts straight when something reaches new heights of publicity. In recent light, Volkswagen has been in some very hot water with the EPA and the media has not been kind, throwing every punch possible. By now, it’s no surprise virtually everybody worldwide has heard about the news for the past couple of weeks. The issue has been a non-stop debate of topic and I feel compelled to post some of the basic facts behind what has been happening, and what some of the countermeasures might be so the following weeks become easier to follow.

The story begins, when a small clean-air group began testing VW’s 2.0 TDI models on the freeways in a light to prove how clean they actually were. Testing started in the

Today was the last day of the Las Vegas Barrett-Jackson auction and it ended with a bang, this afternoon Barrett-Jackson announced there new auction location in Uncasville, Connecticut at the Mohegan Sun Casino. This event is happening in 2016 on June 23-25.

Also on today’s surprises, from Lot #3002 2016 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Z06 Vin #001 selling for charity and crossed the block at $500,000. This car doesn’t come out till late this year and only 500 will be for sale in the U.S. Market.

Next on the surprise list, you can’t have a Barrett-Jackson auction without the “King” Elvis. Yes, Elvis is in the building helping sell off a 1976 Stutz Blackhawk. But as quick as Elvis came in the building, Elvis left the building and so did the owner of the 1976 Stutz Blackhawk.

Now that Barrett-Jackson is over, you can catch them in the beginning of next year, 3 months from

It may not have been one of those emotional Barrett-Jackson moments with a million dollars being bid and a charity being benefited, but a highlight of the auction action Friday at Las Vegas was the appearance on the block — at the same time — of six micro cars and two Oompa Loompas.

For those who may not remember, Oompa Loompas are the orange-faced, green-haired characters from the movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

The cars were a 1942 Crosley Convertible, 1957 BMW Isetta 300, Googomobile TS-250, 1957 Morris Mini Cooper, 1959 Goggomobil TS-250 and a 1957 Rolux Baby.

While on stage, the Oompa Loompas handed out candy to the Velocity television crew  and also tossed treats to the bidders in the front row. Seemingly everybody wanted a photo with the colorful characters whose positive energy and quirky costumes really helped show off the beauty and special character of the  micro cars.

Day two at Barrett-Jackson went off better than day one. No shocker there though, Barrett-Jackson never fails when it comes to their auction events. More cars went across the block and now have a new owner. After walking the auction car floor to check out the auction cars, more cars caught my eye again. Here they are:

IMG_9828-011. To start off, Lot #510 2010 Dodge Charger Custom Sedan. This car is not your everyday Charger, the material on the body is a plastic but asphalt look and feel to it. It’s weird in a good way, which is how it caught my eye. Plus the LEDs on this car is another eye stunning part. Either just cruising around or attending a car shows, this car will turn heads.

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