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After a lot of planning and coordinating Eddies (@Majestik_Unicorn) fully rebuilt Nissan GTR is now done and unveiled at The Sema Show. Every body panel has been replaced with a true molded widebody design by Kreme Developments, Brand new wrap with the help from Colorbomb Arizona, New wheels from Rohana Wheels, Brand new R888s from Toyo. This beautiful beast stole the show this year at the Rohana booth, stopping everyone in their tracks to walk around the car and take photos. This car has one huge transformation.

Vossen is known for having awesome marketing strategies that engage the automotive community! Topping last year’s Vossen Sky Lounge, where they unveiled their collaboration with Work Wheels, was the Private Gallery. Vossen looked to get back to the Main Show Floor in 2016 but maintain private feel that the Sky Lounge brought. They accomplished that feel this year’s booth.

The Private Gallery immediately caught the attention of the crowd as from the outside, it was a closed off booth with an entrance and an exit. Walking through the entrance and down the hall into the main booth was a walk down memory lane. The walls showcased a year by year history of Vossen and it’s mile stones. Along with the history, guest were encouraged to sign their names to add to the celebration.

Once in the main booth, you walked into a 360 view of their wheels along with some new interactive software. The Vossen [...]

Written by Nicole James

Photographed by Matthew Fink

The Top 32:

1. Forrest Wang
2. Chris Forsberg
3. Fredric Aasbo
4. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
5. Jutin Pawlak
6. Alec Hohnadell
7. Ryan Tuerck
8. Matt Field
9. Dai Yoshihara
10. Dan Savage
11. Tyler McQuarrie
12. Odi Bakchis
13. Pat Goodin
14. Geoff Stoneback
15. Dave Briggs
16. Robbie Nishida
17. Daigo Saito
18. Pat Mordaunt
19. Ken Gushi
20. Charles Ng
21. Conrad Grunewald
22. Marc Landerville
23. Kristaps Bluss
24. Kyle Mohan
25. Kenneth Moen
26. Dean Kearney
27. Chelsea Denofa
28. Tanner Foust
29. Nate Hamilton
30. Masashi Yokoi
31. Jeff Jones
32. Matt Coffman

After a long and competitive day, the top 32 drivers were chosen to

F-series prepping for a good year

 By Karla Real 

Trucks were a must see at the SEMA show this year. Lifted, slammed to the floor, supercharged, you name it. Ford gave us a variety of that this year. The all new 2015 F-150 looked amazing at the Ford booth this year. There was a diversity of unique touches that Global Rallycross Championship driver Brian Deegan helped with. The truck that Deegan help set up alone was running on a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 that now produces over 600 horsepower because of the spiffy upgrades thanks to Full-Race Motorsports and BorgWarner. Its crazy paint job, suspension from Fox Racing  all sitting on Mickey Thompson’s all come together for this erratic build perfectly.

MAD Industries built the 5.0-liter V8 F-150 that turned out 700 horsepower by adding a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger and a dual exhaust by Gibson. Did we forget to mention the 650 pound-feet of torque? And [...]

Top 10 Must for SEMA

By Karla Real

Photos by Christian Alvarez

All of us that have been to SEMA for the first time have learned the hard way. People will tell you that you will see a lot of cars, products, and that you will walk around for miles, but that is pretty much it. Here is a list of what we recommend to bring to SEMA to make your visit a better first time experience.

  1. Bring comfortable shoes! Bring extra socks! Like you have probably already heard, SEMA is hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center with is over 3.2 million square feet. There is a lot to see.
  2. Bring extra batteries for your phone, computer, and camera’s. If you do not have any extra batteries bring your chargers. There is a lot of outlets arounds the convention center to juice up your battery packs.
  3. Bring a duffle bag, or backpack [...]

High Heels and Horsepower: Day Two

By Nicole James

Photos by Christian Alvarez

Yesterday at the 2014 SEMA show, everything was overwhelming. There was so much to see and I’m not going to lie, I felt the pressure. I spent a lot of time running around and getting as much information as I could, attending press releases, and see as many car unveiling’s as possible. I was frantically taking as many pictures as I could on my phone while my photographer, Hans, snapped thousands.

Day two was a much better experience. I didn’t feel the pressure to see and do everything as I had the day before and was more focused on enjoying the moment and looking for what I wanted to see while I let my staff run wild and write about things they were interested in.

Car Street Journal has been very fortunate to get our own conference room at SEMA and it [...]

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