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This is our conversation with Jerell Duffin about his new shop JDM and Scion XB.

Ride of the Month

February, 2013

By RJ Lane

Photos Joe Lombrana

Dragan Rasuo’s 1994 Toyota Supra has been catching the eyes of gearheads in Arizona for years now, and we figured we should share this beast. The Supra can trace its roots to the Toyota 2000GT and its inline 6-cylinder engine. It was first a sub model of the Celica, but in mid-1986 it became its own model in its now third generation. Dragan’s Mark IV Supra is one of the cleanest examples of this car still on the road today. Car guys always have a few dream cars on the brain, but not Dragan. He was at the drag strip one night about 8 years ago, and saw a Supra make a pass. He could not get over how fast and sleek it was and thought to himself I have got to have one.  Since that night he has [...]

Glossy Pro Waterless carwash & detailing products.


Javier Contreras

About the company:

Gloss Pro car detailing products were created by car enthusiasts with the goal to make washing and keeping your car clean easier, faster and, more importantly to be environmentally friendlier.

Here is their about us statement:

“As auto enthusiasts who love our cars, we believe that new technology should make our lives easier, be good for the environment, and make our cars look great. This is why we have developed GlossPro Car Care Products. An average size car can be washed in about 20 minutes, using only about 10 oz. of Glosspro (instead of 50+ gallons of water), leaving a shiny, protective Carnauba Wax finish. Your car will look better than showroom new as the glossy finish reflects the lights at night and beads water during a rain. Because of the protective finish, subsequent washes become easier [...]

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