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Editorial Note: This is the third in a series of articles following Austin Kregle through the multi-state Formula Drift sanctioned 2016 Southwest ProAm series hosed by VegasDrift. 

Austin Kregle, competing in his 1995 Nissan 240SX, set out to dominate the short-track oval of Colorado National Speedway in Denver, Colorado, June 12, during Round Two of the 2016 Southwest ProAm series hosed by VegasDrift.

Kregle was significantly more aggressive and noticeably more confident as he pushed his car to new limits that had not been seen during Round One of the series.

_DSC3734Looking very competitive, on his last practice run prior to qualifying runs Kregle crashed sustaining minimal damage. The decision was made to compete i [...]

A start-up company called MobileSpike may just have created a way to make car chases shorter all while keeping police officers safer. They are developing a deployable mobile tire-spike system.

Currently, police officers have to try and plan ahead and determine where the criminal is headed and throw tire spikes out on the street in hopes that the bad guy runs over them.

The deployable MobileSpike system will eliminate guess work, and will keep officers out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. It allows police to drive up next to a perpetrator’s car and flatten the tires, thus ending the chase.

The system will be integrated into the already existing push bar front bumpers of police cars. At the press of a button the hydraulic system shoots out an arm that extends several feet from the side of the police vehicle. Mounted to the end of the arm is a spike strip ready to

Now that summer has hit and more and more people are out on the trails to go camping or take a day trip off-roading, I’d like to share a few basic things that will help your trip go a lot smoother so you appear like an off-road pro, all while helping keep you and others safe.

Plan the trip ahead of time and get familiar with the land and trails that you will be riding. Make sure to adhere to any rules, fees, and permits required to travel in the areas that you will be going. Familiarize yourself with trail signage. Typically the signs will help you navigate trail difficulty levels and also indicate what modes of transportation are permitted on each path. You don’t want to be the person ticketed for trying to drive your monster SUV down a Motorcycle and ATV trail and you certainly don’t want to get stuck or

What happens when you cross a 707 horsepower Dodge SRT motor with Jeep’s iconic Wrangler?

You get the monstrosity known as the Jeep Trailcat. At the moment it is only a concept vehicle that was created for Jeep’s 50th annual Easter Safari fan fest in Moab, Utah.

Jeep-Concept-114-876x535The Trailcat may seem insane or unjust to some, but Jeep says it is just as at home on the rough and rocky off-road trails as it is on highspeed sections. It’s like Jeep put a challenge to every car nut out there and said look what we can make. Can you harness it’s power without killing yourself in the process? I don’t know about you, but I desperately wish to take that cha [...]

Roush Performance is celebrating their 40th anniversay in 2016 and in doing so, came out to the 2016 All-Ford Nationals hosted by Carlisle Events at the fairgrounds in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Car Street Journal met up with Mike Rey, Roush Performancee Marketing Manager, and his team, to get up close and personal with the 2016 Roush Stage 3 Mustang.

There is nothing quite as intense as the raw power of a 5.0L V8 engine and when you add the heart of a racecar, or in this case, a 2.3-liter TVS supercharger, the result is surly a force to be reckoned with at 670 horsepower.

That’s right, that’s more horsepower-per-liter than any other “stock” muscle car.

According to the Roush Performance team at the Ford Nationals, the 2016 Stage 3 Mustang is the most powerful and well-balanced production Mustang created yet, in part due to its many features, like the quad-Tip exhaust and three-way adjustable TrakPak coilover suspension system.

Traditionally, the first Saturday of the month marks the Cars and Coffee gathering at Gainey Village in Scottsdale, Arizona. Temperatures in Scottsdale reached 118 degrees, but that didn’t hinder the shows attendance in the slightest.

Junes first weekend car show attracted over 150 cars, showcasing the typical array of high-end, super, sport and luxury cars, such as the Ferrari, Lamborghini, various Porsche models and the GT-R.

The triple-digit summer heat didn’t hinder spectating attendance either as hundreds showed to catch a glimpse of their favorite cars.

Photography by Matthew Fink
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