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Being the type of petrol head that specializes in getting vehicles completely filthy, I am always on the hunt for amazing products to clean my ride after a long day of dirt flinging. Trust me, I like it a lot better when my vehicle is covered in muck, but in the end it does need to get cleaned. After all, my vehicle does need to attend car meets and events as well, and most of these I can’t roll up to looking like my car had an ongoing battle with Mother Nature. I have to make sure that my paint is staying sparkly fresh and prevent it from getting ruined with micro scratches, and of course a vehicle runs a lot better when it has a clean engine bay.

Upon looking and trying numerous cleaning products over the years, I eventually landed on something called Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner. The first thing I

A track car is a relatively simple dish made of the purest ingredients. The more stiff and lighter the better. Comfort and drivability get thrown out the window completely in exchange for faster lap times. Naturally, the aftermarket caters to track cars with the most rigid parts they can make.

What about for the street though? It always seems to be a tossup between too mild and too hardcore. Some people stick with mild, while others will bite their pride and put race car parts on their daily convincing everyone they are justified. I may or may not be guilty of doing the latter, but some things I can confidently swear by.

brian2Suspension bushings can make or break a vehicle figuratively and literally. Everyone has an opinion and it can be [...]

Cobb offers a ton of different products for Subaru, that includes everything from performance to tuning. In this article I’ll be talking about their Adjustable Short Shifter for 08-14 WRX.

Overall I love the shifter. Retail for this piece is $135.00 from Cobb used CAD technology to design this sleek shifter and the new design allows you to independently adjust the shift knob height and the shifter throw length. For many, the throw is main selling point. Others could care less. For me however, I love how you are able to adjust the throw reducing the original throw by up to 25%. The throw allows you to shift between gears with less travel. For daily driving in rush hour traffic each day, this has definitely made my life easier.

The install was fairly easy. With basic tools you are able to install this in about 20 minutes. The one tool I didn’t have for the

When I first purchased my used 2002 Subaru Wrx back in 2010 I knew that it was going to consume my car modding soul. The first thing I looked for when I opened the hood was something simple that could be bolted on in a matter of minutes. I noticed my stock intake was not looking too hot upon my initial inspection. So I set out to find something that I liked and would replace the beat up plastics and dirty air filter. Something that would possibly give me a small performance increase, and would have something to protect the filter from the elements since I tend to go off road in my Subaru quite often.

I finally found what I was looking for when I came across the Cobb SF Intake System. It has a large cone filter that is uniquely designed to smooth out airflow as it passes by the Mass Air

Recently I have been doing a lot of work to my 1990 Honda Civic.  Among some other upgrades, such as new paint and wheels, I figured it was time for an upgrade when it came to the steering wheel, plus my stock steering wheel was also ripping apart and too squishy for my liking. After some consult from JDMFresh, I decided on the NRG SRK-190H Short Hub, NRG SRK-200SL Quick Release Gen 2.0, and ST-015CH-WT Steering Wheel. Changing the steering wheel of the car can really make a difference to the way the interior looks and feels. Depending on what set up you get, it can also have anti-theft benefits and help with those hot summer days.

11124154_963928810326525_870835362_nWhen I first got this setup I thought it was going to be a long and painful process to [...]

The Modern SUV is such a wonder nowadays. They come in all kinds of flavors and fulfill many kinds of purpose. They have all but completely replaced the full size sedan, are slowly eating away the midsize sedan segment, came into the compact segment, and have recently been replacing the sports sedan. The Range Rover Sport, when introduced, was an early pioneer into the segment, some had come before, but the sport solidified it into the mainstream. Lately, however, the Sport while quite good, has fallen into the bottom, smothered by X5M minivans, and AMG G-Wagen farm equipment. Land Rover has bitten back with the new Range Rover Sport SVR.

How does one make an SVR Range Rover? Land Rover has discovered, by taking the little red chili pepper of a Porsche, and shoving it directly up the posterior of the Ole’ Range Rover lighting a “Proverbial fire” up its ass. No, really. Power

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