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Put some new shoes on that whip with the brand new F21 wheels available now from F1R which feature a mesh style 8 split spoke design, aggressive fit, and lip size. It is available in 17X8.5, 18X8.5, 18X10.5, 20X8.5, 20X10, and 20X10.5 sizes. With bolt patterns of 5X100, 5X143.3, and 5X120. Current available colors are Machine Gold, or Hyper Black. Both come with a polished lip to make your ride look fresh.

The compact sport luxury sedan is such a competitive class in today’s market. So much so, in fact, that some brands are even competing with themselves to make a sale. Making up categories and segments that would embarrass even the most avid of Jeopardy fans, the cars seem over-engineered and almost half baked at the same time.

Between the Audi “one style fits all” sedans, the BMW “it’s called a what?” mess of two door four door something or others, and the Mercedes “oh yeah, the C is a thing isn’t it?” The segment has become more diluted with poor marketing excuses and bad executive decisions. Because the Germans are at a point where they can’t remember where they woke up after the previous night of drinking, Cadillac came along and made a superb little sedan with sharp styling and better driving dynamics then Germany has seen in years.

Unfortunately, a poor dealer network,

Written by Matthew Fink

Want a brand new car? Interested in some new car mods? Be careful what you wish for… Some new cars and product manufacturers are having recalls.

Here is a list of cars that have been recently recalled:

Toyota recalled over 100,000 cars since 2015. On the list of recalls, the Camry, Camry Hybrid sedans, Toyota Highlander, Highlander Hybrid SUVs, and Toyota RAV4. These cars made the list due to a power steering loss. This lack of control can and will cause a crash. But to this date, “Toyota said it is not aware of any crashes, injuries or fatalities linked to the recall.”

Among products being recalled includes Takata air bags. Takata is most commonly known for their racing seat belt harnesses, however they make an abundance of other products. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, recalled over 2 million cars for faulty Takata air bags. The issue was

Written and Photographed by Rebecca Nguyen

Recently I made the choice of purchasing the Carbon Fiber VIS Racing Demon Trunk for my 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX also known as the “Bananaru” through Snail Performance.  The Demon Trunk is complete carbon with a duckbill feature extended out at the top of the trunk in one solid piece.

Overall fitment is very precise and doesn’t leave any awkward gaps.  The duckbill feature follows the lines of my WRX very well and doesn’t awkwardly stand out.

Due to the weight difference between the OEM trunk and the carbon fiber trunk, I had to remove my trunk lid torsion bars to avoid the chance of the carbon trunk aggressively swinging open and cracking it.  There are two torsion bars and the left bar must be removed first. There is a lot of tension on the bars, so you’ll definitely need to be careful when removing them.  Also, make

Written by Matthew Harris

The manual transmission has been on a steady decline over the last couple decades and automatic transmissions along with continuously variable transmissions a.k.a. CVT’s are on a steady climb. With this rise, comes increased improvements.

There was a time where you could only get three to four gears in an automatic transmission. Then came five and six speed automatics, which are pretty much industry standard at this point.

But, the transmission wars rage on. These days you can even find seven, eight, and nine speed automatics that are offered in anything from large luxury sedans to even subcompact SUV’s.

Ford has even planned a new 10 speed automatic transmission confirmed to be part of the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor high performance model and is expected to spread through the whole line of F-150’s over time.

But, Ford wants to take it another step further; they want to turn it up

Written by Matthew Harris 

As Bike Week comes and goes, I am once again heavily reminded at this time of year that I have had great friends and family members become seriously injured or killed on a motorcycle. Granted some of it has been the fault of the rider or a fellow rider. I will not sit here and say every car on the road is always the cause of a biker getting hurt or ending up deceased. But, as my thoughts go out to the families of every one of them, I always keep my eye out for something that would prevent further injuries and deaths from happening. Especially, since I plan on getting my motorcycle license within the next few months as well.

Although motorcycle safety has come a long way over the years with improved pads and materials in jackets, pants, gloves and shoes, along with increased protection and safety ratings

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