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Written by Nicole James

Photo by Hans Marquez

Since launching in 2007, Local Motors has continuously disrupted the way vehicles are designed, built, and sold. A new kind of vehicle and manufacturing process has begun as Local Motors has been building 3D-printed cars live from auto show floors.

The latest model of 3D-printed vehicle from Local Motors is called the Strati, the vehicle is the first in a line of 3D-printed cars. The design was chosen in May 2014 from more than 200 submitted to Local Motors by the company’s online co-creation community after launching a call for entries. The winning design was submitted by Michele Anoè who was awarded a cash prize plus the opportunity to see his design brought to life.

These 3D-printed cars have a three-phase process. Simply, they print, refine, and finish.

The first phase in 3D-printed manufacturing is additive. Made from a carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic material by SABIC, the [...]

High Heels and Horsepower: Maserati Going in for the Kill

By Nicole Ellan James

After that chilling Superbowl commercial earlier this year, I have been obsessed with all things Maserati. Sure I enjoyed them before, but with all their recent changes… Things are looking very good for Maserati and I have a new found love for them.

Driving sports cars my entire life, I am ready for a four-door as I envision getting older and slowing down just a little bit. Or at least being able to car pool more often and comfortably. But lets be real, what single car enthusiast and sports car fanatic would trad in their baby for four-doors-of-lame? None. And while I don’t plan on trading in Marilyn any time soon,  Maserati becomes more and more appealing every day. With the shift they have made from being a sports car company to a manufacturer of high-end family transportation demand for these gorgeous Italian cars is increasing.

Bad News for Camaro Owners

By Nicole James

user65911_pic88531_1345183321.pngFriday the 13th, GM announced that every Chevrolet Camaro made since 2010 is being recalled for…. An ignition-switch issue. This brings the total number of GM recalls for 2014 up to 38.

Technically, the recall of all the fifth generation Camaro’s isn’t for an issue with the ignition switch itself. What GM is recalling is the Camaro’s key fob. They key fob locks the car, sets the alarm, and so on but an added feature for the Camaro is that the key itself is also integrated into the fob and with the touch of a button, the metal key retracts into the fob or snaps out.

GM stated that the reason more than 500,000 cars are being recalled is because “a drivers knee can bump the key fob and [...]

CSJ rates the Miata of the Century

Words and Photos By Amy Muser

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The Mazda Miata is a small, light, and sleek little sports car. The Miata made its first appearance in 1989. That’s right; the Miata was made in the 80’s and loved by everyone. The car had tons of potential making it a great car for everything from grocery getting to hard core enthusiasts. This year is the 25th anniversary of the car and what a better way to celebrate the birth of an icon then by rolling out a new model? This year’s Miata was sold out in record breaking minuets. This made me wonder, what made this Miata so special and appealing?

It seemed the newest Miata was flying off the shelf with a starting price at a very reasonable $26,839. Camelback [...]

The Perfect Gift

By Nicole James


With the holidays approaching quickly, I have yet to start shopping for all the important people in my life. I keep asking myself, what should I get them? Something thoughtful and something they will definitely use… but what is the perfect gift?

The answer is simple… This year everyone is getting some awesome JDM Fresh squash. Whether you have already completed all your holiday shopping or haven’t yet started, JDM Fresh squash is the perfect gift because any of the scents are amazing, it’s easy to wrap, and the packs are easy to leave in your car, room, or office for delicious smells.

Everyone will love that you got them something that will give them countless compliments. Earlier this year, my friend Chris tagged along to Hot Import Nights as part of [...]

Glossy Pro Waterless carwash & detailing products.


Javier Contreras

About the company:

Gloss Pro car detailing products were created by car enthusiasts with the goal to make washing and keeping your car clean easier, faster and, more importantly to be environmentally friendlier.

Here is their about us statement:

“As auto enthusiasts who love our cars, we believe that new technology should make our lives easier, be good for the environment, and make our cars look great. This is why we have developed GlossPro Car Care Products. An average size car can be washed in about 20 minutes, using only about 10 oz. of Glosspro (instead of 50+ gallons of water), leaving a shiny, protective Carnauba Wax finish. Your car will look better than showroom new as the glossy finish reflects the lights at night and beads water during a rain. Because of the protective finish, subsequent washes become easier [...]

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