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Richard McMickens remembers his first memory as watching his uncle build cars, go to shows, and bring home dozens of different awards. Years later when it was time for McMickens to get his first car, he obtained a 1992 Cadillac Seville. Having been bit long ago by the automotive bug, it didn’t take long before he slowly started modifying the audio and wheels of the car. After a few mods, McMickens said he had found his niche for how he wanted his cars to look.

From there, McMickens became more involved in his local car community, which was seemingly made up of Honda’s, primarily because that’s what everyone had at the time. As his tastes began changing and growing, McMickens set out to built an Acura Integra that featured a fully built motor with machine work done by the help pf his team, “The Wulfpac,” located in his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Lee Shadbolt owns and drives a classic 1967 MG MGB GT Special that he built into a fantastic rally car in his garage. Car Street Journal spotted the unusual classic racecar a few months ago when some staff members took a trip to Tucson, Arizona, while covering the regional rallycross races held there.

This almost 50-year-old ride was whipping around the dirt with ease and performed even better than some of the newer cars that were there that day. It was an impressive sight to see and CSJ just had to learn more about this car and its driver.

“I wanted a car I could race in any event, anytime, and anywhere” said Shadbolt when asked about the reason he decided to build this specific car. Currently the MG is set up to run SCCA Rallycross events and has an extensive mod list.

Mod highlights include the multipoint cage that was built by Richard

When you set out to buy a car you typically have a clear idea of what your are looking for and in this case, owner Josh Beach choose this 2006 Infiniti M35S because of the luxury sport comfort it provided. His original goal was to keep it as a stock daily driver, however one thing led to another and here we have it, approximately 100 hours in the garage later, as Car Street Journals January 2016 Ride of the Month.

Beach has always been attracted to cars and shares that some of his favorite memories were going to the NHRA drag races when he was younger – something he still does today. His passion for cars shines through his daughter as well telling CSJ some of his favorite memories with the car include when “my daughter tells me to ‘go fast’ when the light turns green, little does she know that the car isn’t

Kyle Johnson said that he has wanted his car, a 1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R since he was a kid, playing Gran Turismo. “It was one of the only cars that you could make over 1000HP with and as I got older I watched old Best Motoring DVD’s of people going over 200mph in a car we could never have.”

“Everyone wants to talk to you about it, it is the only car that I have owned that nobody hates. You can show up to any meet and people are interested. It can be a classic car show, trucks, imports, domestics, it just kind of fits in. Although a lot of people assume it is a clean conversion on an S13, and that is always good for a laugh.”

12033551_996299597089446_1561128898_nWhile he says the build is still in

”I honestly just wanted a new car when I bought this Z.” Said Brian McCann, owner of a 2005 350Z that has become a truly spectacular one-of-a-kind build. “I had never had anything new, and the Z seemed a natural impulse buy. I didn’t even test drive one, I just bought it and drove it home. Pretty ridiculous in hindsight,” McCann mused.

According to McCann, the original goal of the build was to not build. “I was in my late 20s and just gave myself a hell of a car payment, but as life unfolds, I began doing simple things to the car to make it my own.” These simple modifications included a Momo steering wheel, drop springs on stock shocks, and a set of Axis wheels.

After some modifications had been done to the 350Z, McCann told CSJ that he that he began to desire an aero kit, “so I went simple and

The Dodge Charger is a car of many things. With a multitude of engines and options it can go from being a rental car, to the family sedan, a comfy GT, or a drag strip hero. Of the limited choices for a full size chassis, the Charger is a blank canvas that anyone can make their own. That’s exactly what Samantha Neilson did with her wild 2013 Charger SRT8.

DSC_4155“From the retro side scallops and elongated taillights.” Neilson muses, “Not to mention the front bumper for the SRT model just screams high performance.” She absolutely loves the aggressive look and throwback features Dodge poured into the 2012 and on Charger. So much, in fact, that the entire theme of the car is “new meets old.”

Neilson nails that theme with flying colors. Inside and out this

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