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Let me paint a picture for you.  You buy the car of your choice within your budget.  Your love of cars has moved you to make your car an extension of you so you begin to modify it.  You aren’t quite happy with the performance or the need to go fast.  So what do you do?  You purchase aftermarket performance parts for it.  You enjoy the fact that it’s faster.  Now how do you measure the quickness of the new add-ons?

Race your car against others of course.

For some, they take it out to organized track days offered by groups (NASA, SCCA, Pro Auto) around the nation at designated race tracks.  These are safe environments designed to help you learn your car.

They are great programs.  But lets be real here…  Track days are expensive for most.

The majority of performance car owners can barely afford their cars.  Let alone have disposable income

Written by Matthew Harris 

Set 30 minutes away from downtown Seattle, at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Snoqualmie Washington sits the former SFLC/Weyerhaeuser lumber mill. The mill was in operation from 1917 till the early 1990’s when technology and other advancements overtook the lumber industry and forced the mill to close its doors. Weyerhauser’s presence at the mill remained until the early 2000’s. During the time between early 1990’s and early 2000’s they allowed the mill to be used for many things including backdrops to a television show called Twin Peaks. Once the television show ended the old mill site remained desolate for many years with the future outcome of the site looking grim. In June 2010 Snoqualmie Mill Venture purchased the site from Weyerhaeuser. Then in October 2010, DirtFish Rally School moved in and opened its doors.

With over 315 acres of land featuring gravel, mud, and tarmac with open and

Written by Matthew Harris

As youngsters there is one thing we cannot deny… We have all been covered in dust, played in the dirt, or splashed in the mud at one point in time. However some of us never grew out of this phase and it shows in the extension of our vehicles and the motorsports we follow. Weather your into trucks, cars, or motorcycles, there’s something out there for everyone as long as you’re ok with getting a bit dirty in the process. The following is a small list of races that any off road fan would dream of participating in. They are some of the toughest and most grueling off road motor sports races on the planet, and they definitely push the vehicles and drivers to their limits.

Erzbergrodeo (Redbull Hare Scramble): 

red bullFrom th [...]

Photography by Hans Marquez

Editorial Note: The National Auto Sports Association- Arizona Region (NASA AZ) took over Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park’s East Track on March 7th and 8th, 2015. In addition to the regular HPDE sessions and race groups, NASA AZ set aside some time for local Arizona drifters to take on the track.

The next NASA AZ event will be April 11th and 12th on WHP’s West Track.

Enjoy some Eye Candy brought to you by Car Street Journals lead photographer, Hans Marquez.


Written by Nicole James

Photography by Matthew Fink

The Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering (formerly known and still more commonly known as Cars and Coffee) takes place the first Saturday of each month. This show is known for having all sorts of rare cars and high-end exotics. This month, Car Street Journal set out to find the top 6 most eye catching cars at the show and here is what we found:

1930 Bentley Speed 6

2015-03-09 10.22.20_wmThis vintage Bentley Speed 6 is not your average classic car. What caught our eye initially was the British Racing Green paint. Upon more investigation, CSJ learned this race car is quite accomplished with some pretty big wins. As an early model, this Bentley Speed 6 took first place in the 1929 Le Mans 24 hour, 1929 Brooklands Six Hour, the 1930 B [...]

Written by Adam Toso 

I will admit that while I’m not a die hard NASCAR fan I will catch the big races on TV. The Daytona 500 is just one of the races that I tend to catch every year. I will also admit that yes I watch it for the crashes and the shenanigans that is sometimes racing. However, there will always be that one day all NASCAR fans will remember that ultimately changed and impacted everything in the sport, from the cars driven, to track barriers, and other various safety precautions.

The day was February 18th 2001 in beautiful Daytona Florida. The race had already begun and everything that usually happens in racing was happening. Then came the last lap and that moment when you see grey smoke from tires, a car sliding out of control into the outside barrier wall of turn four, and the frightening realization that the driver of the car

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