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[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]he House of Drift Irwindale crowned Chris “The Force” Forsberg the 2016 Formula Drift Pro Champion at the final round of the series, held October 7-8 in California, while Matt Field scored his second consecutive event-victory in the series after an intense one-more-time battle against Dia Yoshihara, the events number one qualifier and second place winner.

Forsburg lead in overall series points going into Round Eight – the title fight, but in the chase position against Pat Mordaunt during his first Top 16 battle, Forsberg suffered a crash leading to Mordaunt advancing in the competition.

Forsberg’s fate was then left to Matt Field as he went head-to-head with the Norwegian Hammer. In the chase position Aasbo made contact with Field which led toff Fields advancement to the Great Eight and  secured the championship for Forsburg.

Field then went on to battle Forrest Wang and Ryan Tuerck before his fight for the event victory with Yoshihara.


[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]e Top 16 drivers have been selected to compete in Round Eight, the title fight for the 2016 Formula Drift Pro Championship, currently underway at the House of Drift – Irwindale Speedway, in California.

Chris Foresburg, Frederick Aasbo, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. have been in the running to earn the 2016 series championship title. Foresburg leads the trio with 507 points in the series with the 2015 series Champ, Aasbo, short just 37 points. Gittin Jr. suffered a crash during his top 32 battle with Pat Mondaunt, effectively giving Mondaunt the advance.

The Top 16 will determine whether Foresburg becomes the first-ever three-time Formula Drift champion or is Aasbo becomes the first-ever driver to earn the championship consecutively.

Drivers headed to battle in the Top 16 are as follows:

  • Yoshihara
  • Stoneback
  • Bluss
  • Rintanen
  • Foresburg
  • Mordaunt
  • Pawlak
  • Heilbrunn
  • Tuerck
  • M. Whiddett
  • McQuarrie
  • Ng
  • Wang
  • Bakchis
  • Field
  • Aasbo
Photography by Matthew Fink 

[dropcap style=”style1″]B[/dropcap]ehind the wheel of the Perry Performance Nissan 240, the events first place qualifier, Marc Landreville, emerged victorious in a one-more-time battle with Nate Hamilton after his Enjuku Racing / Fortune Auto Nissan 240 suffered mechanical issues during the final round of the 2016 Formula Drift PRO2 series held at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park. The win secured Landreville as the series 2016 Champion.

_dsc1601“The event was great,” Landreville said. “The car was great and I had some excellent drivers to go up against, so that made for tremendous competition to end the season on a high note.”

Dirk Stratton in the Lingenfelter Performance C6 Corvette placed third in the series’ first ever stand-alone PRO2 event, which played host to thousands of spectators and over 120,000 live stream viewers. The Arizona event also marked [...]

[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]he final round of the 2016 Southwest Drift series hosted by Vegas Drift granted Blake Olsen, Bear Rzesnowiecky, and Andy Hateley with podium finishes for the event and secured their spots as the 2016 series champions. Olsen took both the events top qualifier position and the overall event win in the final battle against Rzesnowiecky, both Olsen and Rzesnowiecky earned their Pro 2 licenses by finishing in the series top three with points. Hateley earned third place at the event but took home the series championship and will make his return to the Formula Drift Pro2 class for the 2017 season.

Top 16 Drivers – Top 16 Battles – 2016 Southwest Drift Round Four winners –


2016 Southwest drift series champions –


[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]he final round of the 2016 Southwest Drift Series takes place alongside the final round of Formula Drifts Pro2 series in Phoenix, Arizona, at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park. September 30 marked the first day in the two day drift event, and saw drivers competing against themselves to qualify in the Top 16.

The following ProAM drivers will battle in the Top 16:

  • Blake Olsen – 85 points
  • Bear Rzesnowiecky – 84 points
  • Kasey Kohl – 83 points
  • Mark Sanchez – 80 points
  • Traverse Hilsabeck – 79 points
  • Andy Hateley – 75 points
  • Austin Kregle – 70 points
  • Tony Chard – 66 points
  • Seth Wright – 64 points
  • Preston Watson – 63 points
  • George Kiriakopoulos – 61 points
  • Andrew Schulte – 56 points

[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]he first Arizona event in the 2016 Southwest Drift series, hosted by VegasDrift, took place in Tucson at the Musselman Honda Circuit – a track made for go-kart racing. The Tucson track, like others used in the series, was chosen to help competitors develop their skills on a variety of course configurations in an effort to earn a Formula Drift Pro 2 license.

_DSC6280Local up-and-coming drifters and aspiring Formula Drift drivers earn points put towards their overall standings by qualifying for each round’s Top 16 battles and awarded based on their performance in the Top 16. At the conclusion of the series, the license is awarded to the top three drivers with the most overall points.

“The Southwest Drift series is the best Formula D Pro-AM series in the United States” said Matt Haugen, who emerged victorious [...]

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