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Porsche Mission E Concept 1

For years Porsche has been known for having some of the world’s finest performance cars ever build. From the newest 918 Spyder to the very first Porsche branded 356, Porsche continues to amaze consumers with their new designs.

Today, Porsche unveiled a car that will give the Tesla S Model P85D a run for it’s money. Although just a concept, the new four door all-electric car is capable of producing the equivalent of 600 horsepower, with a 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds.  

The worlds largest motoring garden party, the Goodwood Festival of Speed, has announced that the 2015 event, taking place June 25-28, will feature a special category dedicated to the motorsport of drifting along with some of the sport’s top athletes in attendance.

Headlining the all-new “catch my Drift?” category is ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett along with Ken Block.

Mad Mike Whiddet returns to GoodwoodIn 2014, ‘Mad’ Mike’s fearless driving earned him the ‘Spirit of the Festival’ award. This year, ‘Mad’ Mike plans to thrill the crowd with some tire-smoking action from behind the wheel of his Mazda RX-7 while Ken Block will be showcasing all 850 horsepower that makes up the Hoonicorn, a custom all-wheel drive 1965 [...]

Indiana drivers will soon be required to move over to allow faster vehicles to pass or they will risk a $500 fine. The new law, signed by Governor Mike Pence, is set to take effect on July 1, 2015 and it gives speeders the right of way in so-called highway fast lanes.

The law allows police to issue tickets to left lane drivers who do not move over to the right when they know another driver is set to over take them. The mandate does not apply during traffic congestion, bad weather, while exiting on the left, paying tolls, or pulling over for an emergency vehicle.

Republican state Rep. Jud McMillin of Brooksville stated he sponsored the law to give an incentive to motorists who are driving too slowly in the fast lane to move over out of the way. Other lawmakers spoke up about it and explained that police who observe such situations

Tuesday, Adam Putnam, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services in Florida announced that a total of 103 skimming devices had been found over the last three months at more than 7,500 gas stations across the state.

The skimmers are placed on the outside pump machines to steal credit card information from customers. Putnam reports that skimmers have been found in large, small, old and new gas stations, “There is not a rhyme or reason to where these thieves attach these devices.” The use of skimmers at gas stations has been increasing over the last five years across the country.

“While the overall percentage of skimmers at pumps is low, one skimmer at a pump in Florida is one too many,” said Putnam. Putnam also plans to do everything in his power to protect Floridas consumers and visitors from identity theft occurring at gas pumps.

To help protect against identity theft at gas stations,

Starting out in the 31st position in the race for the #35 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 in this year’s Nürburgring 24 Hours race was challenging for Nissan. They were placed in that position after just missing out on the Top 30 pole position shootout due to a penalty. The #35 car finished the race in the ninth place.

132795_1_5Beginning the race was Michael Krumm. Buncombe drove next, followed by Ordonez and then Hoshino san, with all drivers single-stinting to start with.

“We had a very straightforward race,” said Team boss, Bob Neville. “After the initial single stints the drivers all did doubles and didn’t put a foot wrong. We were pretty cautious during the night when it was raining and this worked out well for us. The car ran like clockwork and it is always good

Debuted at the New York International Auto Show last month, the first Sport Series in the McLaren lineup, the 2016 570S Coupe, was introduced by McLaren Scottsdale during a VIP event held Friday in their showroom.

“For those who have been wanting to get into a McLaren and couldn’t pull the trigger before, the 570S Coupe may be the perfect fit and price,” said Rick Feldman, general manager of McLaren Scottsdale. “With the driver-optimized layout and electrifying performance, the 570S Coupe is a pure sports car, and it’s also an incredible price to be in a McLaren.”

The base price for the McLaren 570S Coupe is $184,000, which in relative terms is inexpensive compared with other McLaren models.

The 570S is a fierce sports car with a mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout and carbon-fiber structure. It combines a power output of 570PS (562 horsepower) with lightweight construction to give a class-leading power-to-weight ratio of 434PS per

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