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The Miller Motorsports Park will be closing its doors October 2015, ending a dream hatched by the late Larry H. Miller. Last Friday The Larry H. Miller Group Cos. released a statement announcing that it would not renew its lease on the 500-acre property in between Tooele and Grantsville, Utah.

Complimented as one of the finest facilities in the country by the auto racing community, Utah’s Miller Motorsports Park opened its doors in 2006 and has been a major tourist draw for Tooele County ever since. The closing leaves the future of the park unclear and will surely be devastating for both auto sport fanatics and the surrounding counties alike.

The Modern SUV is such a wonder nowadays. They come in all kinds of flavors and fulfill many kinds of purpose. They have all but completely replaced the full size sedan, are slowly eating away the midsize sedan segment, came into the compact segment, and have recently been replacing the sports sedan. The Range Rover Sport, when introduced, was an early pioneer into the segment, some had come before, but the sport solidified it into the mainstream. Lately, however, the Sport while quite good, has fallen into the bottom, smothered by X5M minivans, and AMG G-Wagen farm equipment. Land Rover has bitten back with the new Range Rover Sport SVR.

How does one make an SVR Range Rover? Land Rover has discovered, by taking the little red chili pepper of a Porsche, and shoving it directly up the posterior of the Ole’ Range Rover lighting a “Proverbial fire” up its ass. No, really. Power

A collection of rare vintage automobiles that have been put away and stored for over 40 years, have now been rediscovered and will be avalible for purchase on June 12, as part of the Brickyard Collector Car Auction hosted by Mostalgia Auction Company. The auction will be held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in part with the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association.

The Collection of vintage vehicles includes a trio of multi-cylinder V-16 and V-12 Cadillacs, which are going to be the stars of the show, a vintage 1937 travel trailer, an early century electric coupe, as well as a brass era horseless carriage will also be available.

Arizona Department of Public Safety officers have noticed a trend of speeding, rollovers, and collisions on the SR-51 in Phoenix. Because of this they are taking notes from other states and have started using a plane in order to reduce aggressive speeders and the number of accidents in the area.

Saturday May 2, 2015, the use of an aircraft went into effect. they will continue to use the aircraft for many months and possibly years to come.

According to DPS, the fully-marked 1980 single-engine Cessna helped make 72 airplane derived traffic stops over the weekend between 32nd St. and Northern. On average, speed limit violators were clocked at 91 mph.

In one extreme case, the DPS plane clocked a speeder going 131 mph. When officers attempted to pull him over he wrecked his vehicle just south of the Northern Avenue Exit.

Written by Matthew Harris

After Toyota got caught cheating in the World Rally Championship of 1995 by designing an illegal air restrictor on the ST205 that included both a bypass mechanism and spring-loaded device to conceal it from scrutineers, Toyota was banned for 12 months. They did not return until 1998, and ended up finishing second overall in both the Drivers and Constructors Championship. Then in 1999 they took the Manufacturers Championship for a 3rd time in their history with the WRC.

Since then Toyota has been distant from the WRC and hush hush about ever competing in it again. Until now that is. Rejoice, Toyota rally fans of the world. Not only is Toyota planning an Unexpected return that we really didn’t see coming. But, they are doing so in an unexpected vehicle as well.

One would expect Toyota to convert the FRS into an All Wheel Drive, Turbo Spooling monster for for

Written by Matthew Harris

One of the greatest things about owning your own vehicle is the ability to make it your own by tinkering and wrenching on it for hours on end. However, the Auto Alliance, which is an association that represents 12 of the largest car manufactures, states the Digital Millennium Copyright Act makes tinkering with your car a copyright violation, and now it is lobbying congress to enforce the idea.

The Automakers are in agreement stating that altering your cars electronic control units could lead to security issues and equipment failures. Basically what this all boils down to is they want to make it illegal for you to work on your own car. Specifically the electronics and computer components of your vehicle. They are stating that modifying or repairing your cars computer system is a form of hacking.

What does this mean for the tuner world? Are we all at risk of

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