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Written by Devon Keenom 

Instagram is a great way to get your car noticed by people. Instagram users use specific hashtags for other car enthusiasts, so they can find exactly what they are looking for while your car gets the publicity it deserves.

Some people use Instagram as a regular app, but there are others who take advantage of the social media app and try to get their names out there hoping for a job or sponsorship. My research has narrowed it down to three car categories that have the most Instagram followers based on how active the page is. These three categories are Classics, American Muscle and Imports. So let us dig a little deeper into why these categories are so popular.

Lost to the older generations, classic cars are not as popular as American muscle and imports. Unfortunately, the older generations are not as tech savvy as the younger generations. The lack

Written by Matthew Harris

As Phoenix expands more and the population gets bigger each year, it seems like city planners keep bringing up topics to get more money out of the public, especially people that have to drive on the highways every day in order to get back and forth from work.

First it was the speed cameras around phoenix, and now there have been rumors for quite some time about possibly adding toll ways to Phoenix area freeways.

Curious on how they would plan on doing this? We were too.

Some of the suggestion that have been placed on the table are turning existing HOV lanes into tollways during certain hours of the day and roads with more traffic would cost more. This would give everyone on the highway the choice, sit in traffic or pay a price and get through with a toll in the HOV lane.

Another option is to widen

Written by Nicole James

Photos courtesy of Vaughn Gittin Jr. 

Drifting is not the quickest way to get around a track, but there is something inherently exciting about driving on a road course with the car completely sideways to the course and counter-steering in direction of the slide. It’s a delicate balance between the right amount of power applied and the appropriate steering angle so the car doesn’t spin.

Competitive Drifting originated in Japan with the D1 Grand Prix series in 2001. Drifting is a driving style in which the driver tries to keep the car in a condition of oversteer while going from turn to turn. Three years after its debut in Japan, the Formula Drift series launched in the U.S..

LARY7351Vaughn Gittin Jr. is one of the pioneers in drifting in the U.S. and is the

Let me paint a picture for you.  You buy the car of your choice within your budget.  Your love of cars has moved you to make your car an extension of you so you begin to modify it.  You aren’t quite happy with the performance or the need to go fast.  So what do you do?  You purchase aftermarket performance parts for it.  You enjoy the fact that it’s faster.  Now how do you measure the quickness of the new add-ons?

Race your car against others of course.

For some, they take it out to organized track days offered by groups (NASA, SCCA, Pro Auto) around the nation at designated race tracks.  These are safe environments designed to help you learn your car.

They are great programs.  But lets be real here…  Track days are expensive for most.

The majority of performance car owners can barely afford their cars.  Let alone have disposable income

Written by Matthew Harris

The extension of the loop 202 freeway from Ahwatukee to Phoenix has said to be planned out for over 20 years. It turns out, that in 2016 construction on this 1.9 billion dollar project will most likely begin and, completion would take anywhere from 4-5 years.

unnamed (2)

We are not talking about some minuscule road curving back and forth through the country side making for a beautiful Sunday drive. No, this will be a 22 mile, 8 lane highway full of the daily hustle and bustle, cutting right through a beautiful desert preserve.  Destroying habitats for native Arizona animals and also cutting off their movement between South Mountain Park and the Sierra Estrellas Mountains, as well as to other areas of the valley.  Not only that, home and business owners that have been there

Written by Matthew Harris

It has come to our attention at CSJ that Arizona drivers licenses do not meet federal requirements. Even the new licenses that Arizonians were required to switch to in 2013 do not meet the requirements. What does this mean to you as a holder of an Arizona drivers license. Come 2016 it could cost you at least $15 dollars to get a new one that meets federal law, and as stated thats at the very least.

You may have to get a whole new federal mandated ID to go along with your license which would be more money out of your pocket and another bulge to your wallet, or you will have to show a passport which is even more expensive and a hassle to get. Just so that you can board domestic flights and enter into government buildings.

Kate Gellego, a Phoenix Councilwoman has already been denied entry into

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