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Here are some tips that We at Car Street Journal have picked up and learned over the years of living in this desert to keep cool. 

If your air is not blowing too cold, first try blowing off the condenser with an air gun.  See if there is garbage blocking the flow of air over it.  Also check to make sure your fans are working properly.

You can do a few quick checks to see if your system is leaking freon. Look around where all the crimps and fittings are.  If you see what looks like wet dust (assuming your engine bay is not covered in oil).  If you do see damp dust, you may have a leaking crimp, or o-ring/fitting.  Depending on where you see it.  Also look at the front of the compressor….look for the same thing, oil and/or damp dust.

You can [...]

      The Toyota FT86 is a sport coupe vehicle that is currently in development and has been rumored about the past few years. This joint venture between two Japanese automakers, Toyota and Subaru, have decided to join forces to create the FT86. Toyota has not developed a sport coupe or performance vehicle since the well known legendary Supra in 98. In the early 2000’s the MR2 and Celica were consider to be performance vehicle cars, but never lived up to the hopes of *most* car enthusiasts. We have been waiting to see Toyota get back into the game of building performance and stylish vehicles. Concept design of this car has been debuted at Tokyo, Geneva, and New York Auto Shows.


Already confirmed: The US models will be under the brand name Scion. This was proven at the New York Auto [...]

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