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Local Motors is always up to something interesting given that they are a technology company that designs, builds and sells vehicles. While they are known for the Rally Fighter, lately they have been holding our attention with their 3D-printed cars.

The first time I saw one of the printed cars was at SEMA in 2014. Local Motors had brought one of the printers and were printing a car during the show, then drove it down the Las Vegas strip once it was done.

I’ve been able to see parts of the process in person and have had it explained to me by numerous Local Motors engineers. While the explanations were amazing, informative, and helpful, I got the concept but I still had a hard time trying to visualize the whole concept prior to being able to see it in person.

For those – who like myself – need a visual aid sometimes, Local Motors

In 2016 I am taking the next step in the dirt side of car culture.
I have decided to race Rallycross this season in Tucson, Arizona.

If you have read my articles since I have started here with the CSJ family, you will know that I love experiencing and writing articles on everything there is about rally and off road racing and I daydream about furthering myself as driver and actually competing in a race of some sort. Ever since I can remember my goal has always been to compete in some kind of rally or offroad race.

Why Rallycross you might ask? The answer is simple, for someone that has a very limited budget this is one of the cheapest forms of dirt racing you can do. The fact that I can take any stock factory car with a combustion engine, and a hard top then go hit the dirt with it

Now that you’ve had the chance to mess around in manual mode, I’ll show you an easier mode to master! Some of you either sunk or swam when it came to setting your camera up correctly in manual mode, however in aperture priority, it takes the guess work away.

Aperture priority lets you take control of the aperture which controls your depth of field. The rest is calculated by your amazing camera. If you can’t remember what aperture is, it’s the size of the lens opening. It controls the amount of light that is let in. A large aperture (f/1.8) will allow more light in and a small aperture (f/16) will allow less light in. It also determines how shallow your depth of field is.

unnamedHow to use it:  It’s quite simple. You just set what f/stop

Written by Nicole James

Photographed by Matthew Fink

The Top 32:

1. Forrest Wang
2. Chris Forsberg
3. Fredric Aasbo
4. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
5. Jutin Pawlak
6. Alec Hohnadell
7. Ryan Tuerck
8. Matt Field
9. Dai Yoshihara
10. Dan Savage
11. Tyler McQuarrie
12. Odi Bakchis
13. Pat Goodin
14. Geoff Stoneback
15. Dave Briggs
16. Robbie Nishida
17. Daigo Saito
18. Pat Mordaunt
19. Ken Gushi
20. Charles Ng
21. Conrad Grunewald
22. Marc Landerville
23. Kristaps Bluss
24. Kyle Mohan
25. Kenneth Moen
26. Dean Kearney
27. Chelsea Denofa
28. Tanner Foust
29. Nate Hamilton
30. Masashi Yokoi
31. Jeff Jones
32. Matt Coffman

After a long and competitive day, the top 32 drivers were chosen to

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