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August 2014 Ride of the Month

By Nicole James

Photos By Hans Marquez

“The second it starts its play time.” Ray Garcia said. Recently, Ray went to a Mercedes-Benz dealer to buy some parts for his 2004 Mercedes-Benz E500. “I decided to have fun and drove it in the service drive on 3 wheels. I went to the service advisor and said ‘my car is stuck like this and I don’t know why! Can you please fix it?’ After that there was a crowd of employees and customers looking at the car as I bought the parts I needed. The service advisor obviously knew I was just joking right away.” With a sense of humor and a classy look this is one of the many reasons Car Street Journal chose to choose this Tucson native with a Benz on hydraulics as our August Ride of the Month.

July 2014 Ride of the Month

By Nicole James

Photos by Hans Marquez

IMG_2949Edit“It’s sexy, quick, and classy. Don’t forget to mention, that’s my type of girl.” Anoeil Atenousazar said about his 2010 Nissan GT-R. With its unmatched blend of technology and soul, the GT-R is built to be driven in real-world conditions and places other supercars wouldn’t dare to tread. That drive is even better, as Anoeils GT-R adds a new level of sophistication and refinement with no compromise in performance.

While currently ‘under construction’, Anoeils original goal of the build was to go big or go home. The current list of modifications on this GT-R include:


ETS 4 inch turbo back straight pipe custom exhaust

Got Boost intakes

Got Boost turbo inlets

Got Boost intercooler piping

Tial Q [...]

June 2014 Ride of the Month

By Nicole James

Photos by Justin Manley

 It seems to be a rare thing when an enthusiast can accomplish the goal of their build, especially when that goal is to get 1000 Wheel Horsepower. This month PJ Merlino caught the eye of CSJ with his 2003 Mitsubishi Evo VIII.


Merlino told CSJ he picked this model because he “loved the DSM powerplant so wanted to stick with 4G63.” His original goal of the build was always to hit the 1000 wheel horsepower mark. Sitting at 900 wheel horsepower, PJ has nearly succeeded. This stupid fast Evo is both garage built and shop built with the help of PSI Tucson.

With having such a fast car, PJ shared one of his favorite moments with CSJ, “It [...]

May 2014 Ride of the Month

By Nicole James

Photos by Joe Lambrana


Watch out folks, the 80’s are making a comeback! Stores have become filled with florescent neon’s, obnoxious floral patterns, and leg warmers have officially made a comeback. With this 80’s craze underway, Car Street Journal could not find a better car for our May Ride of the Month then the 8-bit Miata and its proud owner Bryan Young.

Car Street Journal (9)

The ’91 Mazda Miata began its journey into the 8-bit would as being the faithful daily for Mr. Young. “I was buying parts and saving for another drift car build I was working on. As the build dragged on by either money or procrastination, I was driving the Miata every day. I grew too really like the car and [...]

Ride of the Month April 2014

Words By Nicole James

Photos by Joe Lombrana

Exactly 50 years ago today, the production Mustang was shown to the public for the first time inside the Ford Pavilion at the New York World’s Fair on April 17, 1964.

Initially offered as either a coupe or convertible, the Mustang’s unibody structure was laid over a 108-inch wheelbase and stretched out 181.6 inches from bumper to bumper. Its cockpit was pushed further back on the chassis, resulting in a longer hood and shorter rear deck design. It’s with those proportions, and detailed with such iconic touches as the running horse in the grille, the side scallops along the flanks and the taillights divided into three sections, that the Mustang became a car people were instantly passionate about.

Fifty years later, the Martoccia Family has been selected as our April Ride of the Month to [...]

March 2014 Ride of the Month

Photos and video by Hans Marquez

Written by Nicole James

Have you ever dreamt of actually owning your dream car? What it would be like to walk out and see it sitting there ready for you to jump in and drive? This month, CSJ got the opportunity to interview up and coming drifter, Austin Kregle. He and his car impressed us so much that we decided he just had to be our March Ride of the Month.


When Austin got his license he decided he wanted to take up the sport of drifting. After researching extensively, he decided the 1995 Nissan 240SX was the car for him. After working hard, saving, and looking at religiously for a year and a half, Kregle found his perfect car.

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