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 January Ride of the Month

By Nicole James

Photos and Video By Hans Marquez


Here at CSJ we are starting the New Year off with a bang. January is being captivated by the one and only Andrew Schulte and his gorgeous 1993 Nissan 240sx Fastback. This very unique 240 was built for the sport of competitive drifting. “The goals I aimed to achieve with the end product were: Simplicity, looking sexy, speed, and above all else FUN!” Schulte said.

Schulte’s passion originally began with his father’s 1978 Alfa Romero Niki Lauda edition Spider and fueled his interest in basically anything with an engine. After his passion for cars was established, the first time Schulte remembers having his head tuned by a car was when he saw a Honda Civic with a huge exhaust and frosted tail lights. “I’m not proud of that but I WAS 6 YEARS OLD!!”


Cars, Bikes, and Planes OH MY!

By Nicole James

Photos by Hans Marquez

This December as we are all wishing for a white winter, one guy stands above the rest with a unique set of toys. Meet Ryan Barstad, also known as the White Knight. Barstad owns a 2006 Ford Mustang GT, a 2008 Suzuki GSXR 1000, and a variety of air planes.


“It was a nickname given to me by my friends years ago in the biker community because I always wore white and black gear, my bike was always white and black, and I was always the good guy who would stand up for others,” Ryan Barstad said. He now identifies with this nickname still with his bike, but has included the theme in his mustang and air planes. CSJ was fortunate enough to [...]

By Nicole James

The force is strong with our double feature ‘Ride of the Month.’ The focus is on Daniel Adams 2009 Challenger SRT-8, also known as Lord Vader; and Manny Azurmendi’s 2013 Storm trooper Camaro. In this Starwars special edition of Ride of the Month, CSJ got to sit down with both Jedi Masters and talk about these awesome starships.

“Ever since they came out in 2008 I knew I had to have one, the looks, sound, performance, and over all manliness of the car. My goal of the build was good looks and performance and over time is has grown into Darth Vader and performance,” Adams said. With 427whp and 400tq, Adams has the power of the dark side. When it comes to the interior of the car, Vader’s modifications include: a [...]


Photos by Hans Marquez

Interview by RJ Lane and Lark Hensman

Brian McCauley Audi Brand Specialist @ Audi North Scottsdale
1996 Volkswagen Cabrio in Audi Exclusive Ipanema Brown Metallic paint

Why did you pick this model?
It’s not a common car to modify in the VW scene and I’ve never had a convertible before this, something about the body shape when properly lowered just looks aggressive with its squared lines. Also not that many people mod Cabrio’s to this extent and I truly wanted something unique at the shows I attend.

What was the original goal of the build?
To make it exactly as it turned out. Clean car, with a new color rarely seen, freshened interior and upholstery, a VR6 motor and [...]

This is our conversation with Jerell Duffin about his new shop JDM and Scion XB.

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