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Classic Recreations expands brand appeal with new Camaro CR1

[dropcap style=”style1″]C[/dropcap]lassic Recreations is celebrating 8 years of showing at SEMA by presenting something all new and totally unique to them: a 1969 Camaro known as the CR1. Classic Recreations is a family owned and operated business with a set employees that have been working with them for 15 years whom specializes in Mustangs.

“This year is exciting for us because it’s the first enveling of a pro-edition Camaro for us. We want to branch out and appeal to all sorts of different markets,” Said Jason, the owner of Classic Recreations.

“I have found that everyone appreciates a Shelby, but I wanted to develop something the die hard chevy guys could get into and love.”

Continuing the trend of branching out and appealing to more enthusiasts, Jason has plans to develop an old school Bronco and a Challenger following that.

Jason told Car Street Journal that the Camaro was challenging to customize because new parts were not as readily available as is the case for the mustang. “The mustang is known for body kits and we hunted salvages everywhere.”

According to Jason, he finished the car on Friday night, loaded it up and then drove 17 hours to get to SEMA on time. “It’s not the hardest car I have ever built, but it’s in the top ten.”

“Our builds are typicaly more conservative but we went all out with this one. Its still a production style pro-touring car and its something we will sell multiples of and produce over and over with a variety of colors and options.”


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