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Cobb Adjustable Short Shifter for 08-14 Subaru Impreza WRX 5 Speed Review

[dropcap style=”style1″]C[/dropcap]obb offers a ton of different products for Subaru, that includes everything from performance to tuning. In this article I’ll be talking about their Adjustable Short Shifter for 08-14 WRX.

Overall I love the shifter. Retail for this piece is $135.00 from Cobb used CAD technology to design this sleek shifter and the new design allows you to independently adjust the shift knob height and the shifter throw length. For many, the throw is main selling point. Others could care less. For me however, I love how you are able to adjust the throw reducing the original throw by up to 25%. The throw allows you to shift between gears with less travel. For daily driving in rush hour traffic each day, this has definitely made my life easier.

The install was fairly easy. With basic tools you are able to install this in about 20 minutes. The one tool I didn’t have for the install that I needed to by was a C-Clip Plier. Which was only a few dollars. Once you have all the tools, it’s a simple process to remove the outer center console. Once you have access to the actual shifter, and put the new one in, that’s where your chance to adjust the knob height and throw. Make sure you set it to your liking before you put everything back together. Otherwise you’ll be spending more time just removing your center console.

Cobb did a great job with this shifter and love how solid it feels, even during heavy shifting. The look after the install looks amazing as well. Especially with my custom shift knob from CamArt! If you’re a Subaru WRX Owner, I highly recommend this product!

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