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Speedworld to be shut down??? Here’s the dirt

Save Speedworld
by R.J. Lane and Bryon Wood

Speedworld is a family motorsports park that is located at 19421 W Jomax Rd.,Wittmann, AZ 85361, and has been the destination for Arizona’s gear heads for over 50+ years. It is a 320 acre park that has an NHRA drag strip, 1/8th mile dirt oval, off-road truck circuit, motocross course, sand drag area, mud bogs, and R/C Air Park. On 6/23/12 I had a conversation with Dan Mathews, owner of Speedworld, and discussed the rumored closing of the facility. The park is NOT closing for the foreseeable future, but might if they can’t find a way to raisethe funds for the legal battle ahead.
The main dispute over the park is the property lines. The county claims that the park is bigger by 27 acres than the original special use permit allowed. In 2004 Dan took over the lease from the state that included everything on the land except for the paintball area. Any improvements on the State land had to be approved prior to completion, and there are records of all improvements somewhere. Then in 2006 Dan wanted to do the right thing and get permission from the State and County to add permanent lighting for the motocross track, as to be green, and stop running the diesel generators for the main power source. In this pursuit the county started bringing up other discrepancies about the State owned land.
The county had lost the original 1961 permits and then found them; after applying pressure to “voluntarily close” while the situations are resolved at Speedworld’s expense. This would lead me to believe other pertinent documents could be lost too, right? These other situations include road grading, water drainage, safety codes for non-permanent structures, and Traffic control into and out of the park.
In Dan’s efforts to comply with all parties Speedworld has spent $200k+ in legal and engineering fees to keep the park for the motorsports community. The track has started a PayPal account for donations to help with these unexpected fees. Here is the link to the save Speedworld From one gear head to another, please help us save this park. If you don’t do the donation thing then head out to the park and pay to play there. It is a ruckus good time for one and all!

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