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The daily challenges of lowered life

The Daily challenges of the lowered life

By Nicole James

Photos by Bryant Nguyen with StoopidLow


That moment when… Going over a speed bump is like navigating over Mount Everest. Yes, this is a daily challenge for many of us car enthusiast with lowered cars but what else do we fear? At times the list seems endless and many people wonder why we even do it. It seems like more of a problem than not right? However, it is a life style few of us can understand. To dissect the daily challenges of the lowered life, CSJ talked with Ric Guerrero, one of the three founders of Stoopid Low. He runs the Stoopid Low blog, and manages the store and staff.


“It all starts with getting out of the driveway. Ramps are a daily struggle.” Guerrero said. Once on the road, avoiding road reflectors, potholes or other road defects, manhole covers, dips and the ever menacing speed bump is not a task for the weak hearted. “Any regular height car or truck seems to blind me at night and the police love the sparks too.”

Guerrero owns a 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. His car is Stoopid Low with approximately a half inch of clearance. Modifications to his car include what he considers mild motor work, such as intake, head studs, down pipe, exhaust, fuel pump, as well as ksport coil overs, Megan toe and control arms and most importantly, a skid plate!

With the treat of scraping many drivers of lowered cars share the same thoughts as Guerrero when he approaches a speed bump or a dip. “My first thought is ‘can I make it?’ More often than not, I can’t! So I usually try to figure a different route, if not, I u-turn.”

With a half inch of clearance you can imagine a lot of parts will need to be replaced quite often. For Guerreros Lancer this includes re-welding his skid plate and exhaust almost on the daily and tires always seem to be on the agenda as well.

“Know what you’re getting yourself into, it’s not just a look. You really have to commit to the lifestyle of spider walking, sparks and all other struggles. It’s not a cheap lifestyle, don’t cheap out on quality. Gotta pay to play!!” Guerrero said.

For those of you considering lowering your car, remember it will affect the handling. A lowered car will typically handle much better than one with factory suspension. It will also lower the center of gravity, making it less likely to tip or roll in an accident. For looks, get some large wheels and tires to make the car appear even more ground-hugging.



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