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December 2013 Ride of the Month

Cars, Bikes, and Planes OH MY!

By Nicole James

Photos by Hans Marquez

This December as we are all wishing for a white winter, one guy stands above the rest with a unique set of toys. Meet Ryan Barstad, also known as the White Knight. Barstad owns a 2006 Ford Mustang GT, a 2008 Suzuki GSXR 1000, and a variety of air planes.


“It was a nickname given to me by my friends years ago in the biker community because I always wore white and black gear, my bike was always white and black, and I was always the good guy who would stand up for others,” Ryan Barstad said. He now identifies with this nickname still with his bike, but has included the theme in his mustang and air planes. CSJ was fortunate enough to have the chance to sit down with Barstad and learn about what makes this White Knight so unique.

“I have always had a certain affinity towards Fords. I love most cars from all corners of the car enthusiast world, but a Mustang just tends to fit my personality best,” Barstad said. His original goal for his 2006 Mustang was to build it up to be a high horsepower, fire breathing, turbocharged version of the famed Eleanor. This far into the build everything has been done all out of Barstad’s own garage minus the dyno tuning, which he gives compliments to Bama Performance.

At this present moment, the White Knight Mustang is sitting on this nice list of mods:


Vogtland Sport lowing springs

CHE Performance sub frame brace

CHE Performance engine/transmission torque braces

SCT Tuner with a series of Street, Performance and Race tunes by Bama Performance

SLP Loudmouth exhaust

Hawk brake pads

Red calipers on all four corners

Bullitt anthracite rims

8000k HIDs for hi/low headlights

8000k HIDs for fog lights

High beam with fog light mod

Raxiom Smoked Coyote tail lights


Raxiom Sequentials for the tail lights

Smoked corner lights

Smoked third brake light

Remote trunk pop

Hood pins

Window Tint

%50 down the entire windshield

%3 across the windshield banner

%3 around the remaining windows

Pioneer in-dash tuner/DVD player

1000W Alpine amp

800W Rockford Fosgate P3 competition sub

2 farad Monster capacitor

Cobalt blue interior LEDs


According to Barstad, his favorite mod is the “Vogtland Sport springs because it really allowed this car to handle amazingly when compared with other mustangs of similar mods. Everything from cornering, braking, acceleration, and stance where the most noticeable effects while not suffering with the typical harsh ride quality of most lowered cars.” Many car enthusiasts know that sometimes the simplest mods can be the most difficult and time consuming when it comes to the installation. This is the case with Barstad’s hood pins. “This should have been the easiest. The hood pins required so much extra work and tear down, not to mention trying to get everything lined up…ugh…not fun, but well worth it keeping that hood from floating at speeds we won’t mention.”

“When it comes to what I absolutely need in my car… Has to be a good system. Let’s be honest, we all spend hours and hours in our cars and many of that could be sitting in traffic or just a midnight cruise. Fact is there is nothing better than listening and feeling your favorite music while tearing up the pavement in your ride,” Barstad said.

Sometime in the future Barstad hopes to be completing the Eleanor body kit, and getting a set of Turbonetics turbochargers along with all required supporting mods. Barstad tells about an unexpected race he found himself in. “This car gets the works when I take it out for a spin. I will do everything from drag racing, autocross and drifting to running it up through the twisties in the mountains. One of the fun stories in this car was from not too long ago where this guy in a supped up WRX was trying to show off to his girlfriend. We had pulled up to a light. I was not expecting that it was on, but the moment the light turned green…He took off. I dropped the clutch and reeled him in like he was standing still. Poor guy was running that car hard too…you could hear his turbo screaming and the BOV on every shift, but just couldn’t outrun the ‘stang. Both he and his girlfriend would make eye contact with me at the following light. Poor guy. But hey! It’s all in good fun. I have certainly been handed mine a fair share of times too.”

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