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Deployable Mobile tire spikes

[dropcap style=”style1″]A[/dropcap]┬ástart-up company called MobileSpike may just have created a way to make car chases shorter all while keeping police officers safer. They are developing a deployable mobile tire-spike system.

Currently, police officers have to try and plan ahead and determine where the criminal is headed and throw tire spikes out on the street in hopes that the bad guy runs over them.

The deployable MobileSpike system will eliminate guess work, and will keep officers out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. It allows police to drive up next to a perpetrator’s car and flatten the tires, thus ending the chase.

The system will be integrated into the already existing push bar front bumpers of police cars. At the press of a button the hydraulic system shoots out an arm that extends several feet from the side of the police vehicle. Mounted to the end of the arm is a spike strip ready to shred the tires of any bad guys car, and is effective between 15 and 120 Mph.

They have already started testing with a handful of police departments and state they have received positive reviews from all of them. If MobileSpike gains traction it will be the first major change in spiking technology in over 40 years.

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