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Driving Dirty: The Decision to Start Rallycross Racing in 2016

[dropcap style=”style1″]I[/dropcap]n 2016 I am taking the next step in the dirt side of car culture.
I have decided to race Rallycross this season in Tucson, Arizona.

If you have read my articles since I have started here with the CSJ family, you will know that I love experiencing and writing articles on everything there is about rally and off road racing and I daydream about furthering myself as driver and actually competing in a race of some sort. Ever since I can remember my goal has always been to compete in some kind of rally or offroad race.

Why Rallycross you might ask? The answer is simple, for someone that has a very limited budget this is one of the cheapest forms of dirt racing you can do. The fact that I can take any stock factory car with a combustion engine, and a hard top then go hit the dirt with it makes this like a playground for anyone that has the itch to race in the dirt.

Personally, I will tell you that I have that itch in a big way. I’m trying to do everything correctly, but in reality I don’t think there really is a correct way to start out in this adventure.

So far I have gotten a small group of friends together and discussed it with them. This is will end up being my crazy little crew that will help me out on this whacky idea. I’ve also sourced out a very cheap 2wd car. That I will be using to rip up the dirt under the Arizona sun.

In the long run I know it has to be fun, and it has to be relativley cheap. I see good times and alot of junk yard parts in my future as well as many articles on the trials and tribulations of competing.

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