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Ford Mustang could become next UK cop car

[dropcap style=”style1″]B[/dropcap]ritish police cars aren’t exactly the most stylish around, even if a good amount of them do carry some some sort of oomph under the hood, but those styling points could change soon with the Ford Mustang, which is under strong consideration right now to become the next police car in the United Kingdom.

Officials are condifering the V8 powered Mustang, known as the GT. The cars went on sale late last year in the U.K. and have done extremely well in that market due it now finally being made available as a factory right hand drive model.

Ford may be as American as BBQ’s and Sunday Football, but the Mustang looks surprisingly at home covered in the neon Battenburg paint scheme of the British police. Everyone received their surprising first view when one showed up to a trade show earlier this month sporting the UK livery.

A spokesman wouldn’t confirm future plans but said, “we believe a Mustang would make an excellent patrol car and would encourage safer driving on our UK roads, ” he then added, “we expect to have more information later in the summer.”

So be prepared law breaking British motorists, you could soon find a V8 American muscle car in your review mirror.

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