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Formula D Long Beach 2016: Top 8 to Finale

[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]he road to victory of Round One: Streets of Long Beach, the season opener for the 2016 Formula Drift season, has seen 32 drivers narrowed down to the top 16. From there, the top 16 became the Great Eight.

The first round of the Great Eight started with Fredric Aasbo and ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett. Immediately fans were treated to an intense battle with Mad Mike pushing his car and drifting with crazy angle.

Slight contact at the final corner left Whiddett with a missing door. After a small timeout, and a new door, Mike was ready for even more angle.

Unfortunately that angle resulted in a spin and a victory for Aasbo.


Words cannot describe how intense Matt Field and Kristaps Bluss ran in the second battle. The two drivers ran door-to-door for a total of four runs until a victor was decided.

Field took the victory.


Round three was composed of Ryan Tuerck and Tyler McQuarrie. Tuerck ran hot leaving McQuarrie behind, with McQuarrie hitting the clip on the last corner.

On the second run with reversed roles, McQuarrie ran smooth and hard. If not for the clip on the fist run, it would have been a tie.

Tuerck took the victory.


Round four was composed of a battle between Odi Bakchis and Dean Kearney.

Both lead and impressive show. Kearney ran wide angles and contact with the notorious final corner clip gave Bakchis the victory.


Ken Gushi battled Charles Ng in round five, which proved to be another intense battle.

As in round four, the final corner clip decided the victor. Gushi ran deep this battle, while Ng ran wide.

Gushi took the win.


Forrest Wang ran what could be considered a perfect first run for their round five battle, unadulterated, as Mike Essa experienced mechanical issues.

Essa ran loud and hard for his second run leaving tire and smoke everywhere.

Unfortunately issues on the first run allowed Forrest to run with the victory.


Round seven showcased Chris Forsberg and Chelsea DeNofa. In the first run, Forsberg clipped the wall coming into the second corner, allowing DeNofa to pass Forsberg finishing in front.

In the second run, Forsberg cliped DeNofa on the final corner, losing the round.

Victory went to DeNofa.


The last round of the Great Eight put Jeff Jones up against Vaughn Gittin Jr. Gittin Jr. had no trouble displaying the power of his RTR Mustang on the first run leaving Jones behind for a flawless first run.

Jones pulls a good second run, but it was not enough as Gittin Jr. kept close and was awarded the win.


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