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Formula Drift 2016: Fab four on the road to victory

[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]he 2016 Formula Drift season continues with Round One: Streets of Long Beach as the competition has been narrowed down to the Fab Four, composed of returning winner Fredric Aasbo, Odi Bakchis, Ken Gushi, and Chelsea DeNofa.

Round one for the top four started immediately with Fredric Aasbo and Matt Field. Truly a good run, Field kept right up and put the pressure on Aasbo for the first run.

Second run with Field giving all he had, and spinning after a fast transition after the first corner, giving Aasbo the win.


Ryan Tuerck and  Odi Bakchis displayed a heated battle in the second battle. Tuerick brushed the wall with the back of his car while Bakchis hit the notorious last corner clip.

In run two Tuerck fell short in the last corner coming in shallow and losing his momentum.

Bakchis took the victory.


In round three, Ken Gushi had a strong first run with Gushi pulling on Forrest Wang. With the pressure on Wang, Wang pushed hard on run number two and showing the downside of having too much angle.

With a spin in corner two, Gushi took the victory.


Chelsea DeNofa took on Vaughn Gitten Jr. in round four. DeNofa put a dent in Gitten Jr.’s confidence in the first run by staying glued to him.

The second run remained door-to-door, with DeNofa pushing that much harder, drifting closer to the wall.

After a very close debate, DeNofa edged the victory and slayed his second giant for the day.


The remaining competitors in the final two:

Fredric Aasbo

Chelsea DeNofa

[dropcap style=”style1″]R[/dropcap]ound one came in four runs as Fredric Aasbo and Odi Bakchis ran in their prime. Like knights clashing swords, They exchanged blows run after exciting run until Aasbo edged out a victory drifting smoother.


Ken Gushi wnt head to head with Chelsea DeNofa in the second round. Despite barely hitting the final corner clip, DeNofa squeaked out a victory with more aggressive slides and wild angles.


The final run was between Fredric Aasbo and Chelsea DeNofa, resembled that of David and Goliath. Unshaken after destroying his rear wing after the first corner, DeNofa kept composure and pushed Aasbo on the first round, drifting his heart out and keeping door to door pressure.

The second round saw DeNofa in front, where he managed to pull a cleaner run than the Scion despite missing his rear wing.

DeNofa couldn’t have pulled a better victory while slaying his third giant and winning his first ever round in Formula D.


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