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Drifting Toyota FRS

Formula Drift 2017, Streets of Long Beach

Presented by BlackVue Dash Cameras and O’Reilly Auto Parts, the 2017 Formula DRIFT Black Magic Pro Championship season opener took place on a beautiful, sunny, Los Angeles weekend with highs of 75 degrees—unlike last year’s gloomy rainy weather.

The biggest highlight of the weekend was the return of Irish driver, James Deane and the introduction of new drivers such as Georgy Chivchyan, from Russia, and Piotr Wiecek from Poland. These two new drivers help enforce the fact that Formula DRIFT has definitely become an international series. With viewers watching from all of the world, this event broke Formula DRIFTS Livestream record with over one million viewers over this two-day event.
Toyota FRS drift racing at Formula Drift, Streets of Long Beach


In addition to the roaring drift machines, sponsor and vendor attendance doubled since last year and spilled over into the AutoCon car show area. If you weren’t in the stands watching motorsports athletes like Ryan Tuerck, who podium finished third, there was a very energetic car show happening right beside big name vendors like Wilwood, Toyota and Sparco.





Congratulations to James Deane for placing first, Alex Heilbrunn second, and Ryan Tuerck third. See you all at the next Formula DRIFT event: Uncharted Territory in Orlando, Florida April 28-29.





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