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Round Four: The Wall | Formula Drift 2015 | Recap

[dropcap style=”style1″]F[/dropcap]ormula Drift drivers competing in New Jersey could not catch a break from the rain since round three in Florida. For the second event in a row, the weather conditions made the track ten times more difficult for the drivers to execute their best potential run.

Drifting in general is hard but when you add rain to the track it forces the driver to perform to be best of their ability.

At Round Four, The Wall in New Jersey, Aasbo proved to be the best driver in these conditions and made his way to first place. The talents Fredric Aasbo has are insanely amazing and I get chills watching him perform. It came as a shock to me that he was able to pull off a first place win in New Jersey.

Great job to all the drivers who competed in New Jersey. In the next week Formula Drift will be in Japan July 11 and 12.

Top 16
1. Aasbo, Fredric
2. Kearney, Dean
3. Tuerck, Ryan
4. Yokoi, Masashi
5. Gushi, Ken
6. Denofa, Chelsea
7. Bakchis, Aurimas
8. Wang, Forrest
9. Pawlak, Justin
10. Goodin, Pat
11. Moen, Kenny
12. Forsberg, Chris
13. Mordaunt, Pat
14. Castro, Jhonnattan
15. Field, Matt
16. Saito, Daigo

 Photography courtesy of Formula Drift | Larry Chen

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